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Squatting Accident(s)

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I never understood why people want to squat so much. Same with most exercises...what's the point?


What's the point? To get bigger and stronger, of course, and squatting is one of the best things one can do to reach such goals


You can't do push-ups alone and expect to move mountains, can you?


Well, no, you can't lol. I guess I phrased it wrong...."What's the point in trying to obtain superhuman strength?" I used to want to be amazingly strong and huge, but I decided that it wasn't necessary and is probably unhealthy. I dunno, maybe that's just me.

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No worries - I get it


I don't think that there's anything unhealthy about being super-strong, and I don't think that it's unhealthy to be big, within bounds. I know if I were to weigh 300 lbs. my system would not handle it well, so there'd be some sacrifice of optimal health at that level. However, for a person to carry 20-40 lbs. of extra muscle without a bunch of flab to go with it, it's likely a lot better for you than just carrying 20-40 lbs. of pure fat. As with anything, gotta stay within reason to be as healthy as possible, but when you want to be the best at something, sometimes you'll sacrifice to get the job done as many top BBers and strength athletes will do.

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