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Very new vegan from NY


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I'm Gina and I've been poking around this site for a week or two now and thought I would introduce myself so I could start posting.


I'm not new to message boards, I'm a mod on one for girls in military relationships (my husband is currently in Iraq), and belong to WAY too many others, haha, I love them.


I'm also not new to fitness and have been going to the weight room pretty steadily for the past two years, although I am just coming back from some time off because I broke my toe. I also like to run and bike, although I pretty much leave that for the weekends.


I am, however, very new to being a vegan. I've been a vegetarian for over a year, but this feels a lot different. I didn't feel like I was really giving anything up when I gave up meat, but I am going vegan more for health reasons...and I do feel like I am giving something up with no longer having cheese! I love to cook though, so this is just opening another adventure for me.


Just some culminating tidbits, I'm 24, I got my BS in Chemistry and am currently in grad school to be a Science teacher, and I am in NY now, but will be moving to Baltimore when my husband is done with his military commitment (in May). Oh, and we lived in Hawaii previous to his deployment, which was pretty cool.


I suppose that's about it, I look forward to getting to know people on here

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Hi Gina. That's really great you chose veganism. I hope you'll like cooking vegan as much as a vegetarian. Perhaps you already know but soy products can replace all dairies. If someday you feel your transition to veganism is difficult, think that you can do this for more than just your health... the dairy cows and laying hens all go to the slaughterhouses after their slavery.

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Being new to veganism is really fun if you like cooking. You can try loads of new things and find new flavours.


Hawaiji sounds like fun. Where I live it's going to be crappy weather for the next 6 months. Anyway, hope your husband get home safe from Irak (hope it's good weather there)!

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Hey Gina,


From a former Cheese Addict (me)... just to let you know theres plenty of vegan cheese substitutes out there..and when you mix it up in sandwiches and such you can barely even notice the difference. I'll admit the only ONE (well maybe TWO times ) that I cheated when I first became Vegan were with cheese. I havent had any cheese or cheese substitutes now for a year and I dont even think about it anymore....in fact I find it nasty and tough to digest. Along your vegan journey you'll find so many new things that will leave you so satisfied that your cheese cravings will be a distant after thought. Best of Luck!

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