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Which protein powder, HEMP or PEA?


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While waiting for my hemp powder from myprotein.co.uk I bought some from my local health shop (different brand, twice the price)


And to be honest it tastes pretty horrible.So now I am stuck with half a kilo of it.Hopefully the stuff from mypotein.co.uk will be nicer, otherwise I am stuck with a kilo of that!


I am being optimistic that it will taste better, but if it doesnt, I may try the pea protein as well - blimey this changing protein powder is possibly costing alot!


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Well the kilo of hemp from myprotein came.Its the same as the other stuff - totally gross.


So I have ordered the pea stuff now, and it has arrived today.


I hope its nice!


My the way, is fruit a good thing to mix with the protein powders? What other options other than soy milk are there?

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