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Johan's getting in shape

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Back session! Deadlifts (102,5 kg) superset with machine rows, wide lat pulldowns, cable rows and I also did som calves stuff. Eating has been good today. I did an early workout so I only had a energy bar (thrive diet) for breakfast, then some apples, oatmeal with sunflowerseeds and coconut, whole wheat hummus/avocado sandwhiches, more energy bars (love them) and then more sandwhiches and a smoothie. I'm going pretty high in calories and I'm still hungry. It seems like my body wants me to bulk.

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glad to see that you're back at the iron!


what kind of deadlifts are you doing? straight leg? or the "normal" ones? i was thinking about adding them to my work out but i think they're working too much for my legs and my back day is right after the leg day.

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Yeah it's great being back. I can't believe how I survived a week without it.

I do straight legged on leg days and "normal" ones on back days. I feel it a lot in my legs too. I go for power so I don't focus on my back or anything. But I do

1. Shoulders

2. Arms

3. Legs

4. Chest

5. Back

So I have time to recover. I'm still having a little problem with the negative part of the movement on the normal deadlifts. But I'm getting there. I think you should add them. I've only been doing them for a couple of weeks but it feels great. And since everyone says it's one of the best excersises it's probably worth trying.

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Abs and calves today. It was fun but I'm not very creative when it comes to abs training. I did weighted sit ups and crunches. Reversed crunches, leg raises, hanging leg raises etc. For calves I did standing and seated calf presses supersetted. I also did calf presses in the smith.

Eating was good. Oatmeal and energy bar for breakfast. Whole wheat hummus/avocado sandwhiches for snack. Kidney bean salad for lunch. Took an apple when I got home and then hit the gym. Two bananas for recovery. Then I had chick pea yofu thingy with baked potatoes for dinner. Later I'm probably gonna snack on some sandwhiches, nuts, fruits and energy bars. I love that my eating is going well, hopefully this will continue because diet is the most important part for building muscle for me. Kick it!

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No training today. I'm gonna hit up shoulders tomorrow and I'm siked about it!

I ate good today so far

1: EAA. Oatmeal, raisins, coconut, apple and energy bars

2: Chickpeas, yofu, baked potatoes

3: Whole wheat bread, hummus, avocado. Smoothie with soymilk, red beets, banana, hemp- and flaxseeds

4: ENERGY PILLS (really they were bars but I was watching cost of redemption so...)

5: Probably a fruit, nut and cocoa salad. We'll find out

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Shoulder day!

Clean and presses. Two excersises for rear delts. Arnold presses, dumbell presses supersetted with side lateral raises. Also did some calf excersises and ab work.

Eating today went bad. When I tried to grind some seeds smoke came out from the grinder. I had to stop because it almost caught on fire. I'm pissed because it's brand new and I won't be able to fix a new one untill friday/saturday. This means I have only 8 energy bars left


I ate oatmeal with dates, raisins, coconut, hemp seeds, flax seeds. Hummus avocado sandwiches.

Trained: 14 grams of EAA

Dates, apples

Baked potatoe with kidney beans and veggies.

Energy bars.

I woke up really late and I'm going to bed now so not many meals at all. Hopefully I will do better tomorrow.

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Okay so I ate pretty crappy today. Usually when I eat bad I think "It's impossible to train good" and my training also goes down the toilet. Today I decided "fuck that thinking, it sucks" and told myself I was going to have the most awesome work out since I started this new gym. So inspired by the golden era (reading a lot about Nubret lately) I did an arm session with 30-45 second rest inbetween sets. It was fucking crazy and I almost started crying (no not really, men with proper t-levels don't cry).

I did 5 sets of skull crushers supersetted with narrow grip bench press

5 sets of reverse grip cable pushdowns

4 sets of dips

5 sets of EZ curls (try resting 30 seconds between these, torture)

4 sets of Alternating dumbbell curls, dropsets

5 sets of cable curls


My arms were pumped, jacked, big, veiny, awesome and wiped out after this.


Eating (crappy as I said)

Breakfast: EAA, energy bar (ginger pear), oatmeal with raisins, coconut, cocoa and blueberries.

Snack: Tofu whole wheat sandwhiches, bell peppers and ruccola

Lunch: Nothing because I didn't think I would have to stay at the University.

Snack: Apple and pumpkin seeds

Snack: Two big energy bars (ginger pear) a banana

Training: 14 grams of EAA

I'm trying to work up my cals tonight by eating tons of dates, bananas and apples. I'm also making spinach, garlic, kidney bean, potato thingy for late night dinner.

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5 sets of EZ curls (try resting 30 seconds between these, torture)


i'll try those someday.


Nothing to do but to do it


I trained legs today! It was a good session. I started with squats, but I felt they didn't give me much today so I only did three working sets. Moved on to leg press and did 5 sets focused on quads. Straight deadlifts, inbetween sets I did calf presses in the leg press. 2 sets of leg press focused on hamstrings. 3 sets of standing calf press supersetted with seated calf press. 3 sets of calf press in smith machine. I did some ab work inbetween a couple of sets.

Eating was not awesome but still okay. I cheated a little since they handed out free chocolate soy milk at the subway central.

Oatmeal, energy bar (ginger pear), coconut, raisins, cocoa

Pumpkin seeds, apple, banana

Kidney beans, white beans, spinach and potatoes

0,5 L alpro chocolate (CHEAT)

Two energy bars (ginger pear) Last ones, crap shit fuck

Training => 14 grams of EAA

2 bananas, way too many dates

Now I will probably eat some beans and tofu with greens. SIKE SIKE

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I worked my chest today despite the fact that my triceps were extremely sore.

I did Incline DB presses supersetted with Incline flies.

Dips supersetted with pec dec.

DB bench presses.

Incline barbell press

Decline flies.

Machine bench pess supersetted with cross overs.

I rested about 45-60 seconds between sets only so it was hardcore. When I did the decline flies my chest acted funny, it was so filled with blood that it started jumping around and it looked like I had flubber instead of muscles.

I ate a lot today and I went to an awesome show where my friends Hårda Tider (Hard Times) played. This is a crew photo for their 7" we took this summer:




can you see me?

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acctually I don't get sore. I only get sore when I'm not consistent with my training. But as I said, my chest acted up when it got too pumped. I know I dissed decline excersises but I have to say the flies felt pretty good. Still wouldn't attempt heavy pressing though.

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Back attack!

3 sets of deadlifts

4 sets of wide grip lat pulldowns supersetted with cable rows

4 sets of machine row

3 sets of cable pullovers (I don't really like these too much but it's nice to rest the ceps)

3 sets v-grip lat pulldowns

4 sets standing calf raises supersetted with seated calf raises

4 sets of calf presses in the leg press

3 sets of calf presses in the smith machine


Eating has been good so far. I woke up kind of late so haven't been eating that much

7 grams of EAA

Oatmeal, dates, blueberries, flax seeds, sesame seeds, cocoa and oat milk


Traning=> 14 grams of EAA

Two bananas, lot's of dates

Bean, greens and corn salad with baked potato

Two whole wheat tofu sandwhiches with veggies and chili

....I'm gonna eat a lot more soon I think. My final exam is tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous but hopefully I will get enough sleep. I haven't studied at all the last two days.

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I really dislike the days when I don't train but I know that I have to rest to gain some muscle.

I ate decent the whole day but in the evening I didn't have much choice so I bought a veggie burger and some fries. I didn't even taste very nice. But whatever. I'm gonna try to stay away from the gym tomorrow too, but I'm not sure if I can.

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really inspiring to read other peoples training logs.

I just started building muscles and I really like it. But I get really pissed of when I cant go to the gym, for example when Im sick (like this weekend, im having a cold and sore throat). well, Im still a fatso and my bellys got "bilringar". But not for long!


and nice to know that theres people in sweden building muscles on a vegan diet, where in sweden do you live!?

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yo, I live in rågsved sthlm.

maybe I should start my own log here. right now Im only writing things down in a book. witch isnt too bad either.

how long have you been training?


I read your log and I can see that y'all people on this site knows alot about food, protein and stuff. Im reading alot, but stil Im kinda lost.

how do I know if I get enough protein? really confusing.


was looking at your pics and I must say that I'm really impressed. you gained alot. just to let you know that you really inspired me to go on with my training. yessurr!

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