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Johan's getting in shape

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Cool dude. A log is a great idea if you want to improve training and get ideas and tips from others. You should write something in the intro section too.

Protein is important but far overrated by many. If you post your stats (weight, height and age), your diet, your training and your goals we'll probably be able to figure out approx. how much protein you need. I'm new to Stockholm and don't really know where Rågsved is but I'm gonna look it up.

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well then were almost neighbors.

Im from Gothenburg, but I moved here because of many reasons. One is because my girlfriend lives here. Right now Im working as a teacher.


you can add my msn if you want.


take care.



edit: whats the name of your gym!?!?!? haha.

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Yesteray 29/10 I did chest

It went well and I did lot's of presses, dips, super sets and flies.

I met a guy there who was kind of cool, he spotted me when I did incline presses. It was funny because we had a lot of incommon friends but we had never met before. Later tonight I'm gonna train back. Yeah buddy!

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30/10 Back day

Deadlifts (awesome)

Wide grip lat pulldowns (awesome)

Cable rows (really nice, a girl came up to me and said that I looked good while doing them)

V-grip lat pulldowns (Not very cool. There's something weird about the lat pulldown station in my gym, it's not tall enough)

Machine rows (awesome)


I'm starting to feel more at home in the gym. A lot of people say hello and the trainers say "See you tomorrow" everytime I leave.

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31/10 Abs and calves

I did an extra session because I neglected my ab training this week.

Basically just a variation of crunches and situps. Also different calf presses.

On the evening I hanged out with Stockholm vegan straight edge crew and their friends. We watched some horror movies, ate organic pizzas and some weird German pie for dessert that the exchange student made. Me and two friends ended up in front of the computer listening to rock ballads and singing kareoke. Good times.

Later today I will train shoulders. I have to study a lot this week. I have an exam tomorrow and another one the week after that.

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Later today I will train shoulders. I have to study a lot this week. I have an exam tomorrow and another one the week after that.

good luck with them!




2/11 Shoulders

I did smith machine presses

upright rows

bent over lateral raises

that excersise where you lie down in a cross over for your rear delts

seated dumbbell presses superset with lateral raises.

Nice session. I rested about 30 seconds in between sets.

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I passed both my exams I had today!


3/11 Arms

French presses superset with narrow grip bench press

Cable pushdowns

Narrow dumbbell presses


Barbell curls

Dumbbell curls, dropsets

Cable curls


Some rotator cuff work. 30 seconds rest, no pain no gain! YB

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5/11 Chest and abs

4 sets incline dumbbell press

supersetted with

4 sets incline dumbbell flies


3 sets flat dumbbell press


4 sets dips

supersetted with

4 sets pec dec


5 sets decline flies


4 sets machine bench press


around 20 sets ab work.


All in 1 hour and 5 minutes. I'm pleased.

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6/11 Back attack


I started by doing one set of deadlifts but my lower back acted up so I didn't continue with them.

3 sets of pull ups

5 sets wide grip pull downs

5 set cable rows

5 sets cable pullovers

4 set v-grip pull downs

2 sets machine row.


It was an okay session. I had a lot of fun talking to some girls afterwards. People at my gym are cool!

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Thanks Tashie!

My rep range is different every day and every excersise. Basically I just close my eyes, think of a weight and choose what I'm thinking of and do as many reps as I can. Sometimes I go heavy 4-6 reps and sometimes up to 16.

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Do you feel more focus on contracting your muscles

Rather then focusing on counting on how many reps you did?


It's different from excersise to excersise. If I'm doing real compound movements like clean and presses, deadlifts, squats etc it's mostly about power and getting more reps out. But if I'm doing dumbbell presses, flies, lateral raises and those types of movements it's more about focusing on contact and contraction.


Johan, that's how I train too! If I feel like doing high reps I do it, but sometimes I like to go heavy and do low reps. I figure by doing this you get exposed to various training methods. Besides it keeps things interesting, and you don't get bored.


That is EXACTLY the way I feel about it too!!


7/11 Abs and calves

Not a very good session. I was in a hurry.

About 20 sets of abs and maybe 10 calves.

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