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Johan's getting in shape

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13/11 Back, biceps and calves

Pull ups BW + 10 kg

Wide grip lat pulldowns

Cable rows v-grip

Cable pullovers

Lat pulldowns v-grip

Machine rows

EZ curls

Standing calf press

Seated calf press

Calf press in leg press


30 sets of back + biceps and 10 sets of calf-work. Suck it

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14/11 Shoulders

Clean and presses 4 sets

Bent over lateral raises 5 sets

Lying cable thingy for rear delts 5 sets

Seated dumbbell presses 5 sets

supersetted with

Lateral raises 5 sets

Weight plate front raises 3 sets


First part of the session was really intense. Then a guy who I usually talk to at the gym came and we started chatting. He's a cool guy and we helped eachoter doing some forced reps.



I feel that I've come to good terms with my diet lately. This whole food thing is really amazing and I love it! I eat a lot of shredded coconut and coconut milk, flax seeds, hemp seeds, lentils, potatoes, leafy greens, fruits, veggies, pumpkin seeds, rye bread, tofu, berries, soy milk smoothies and cocoa.

I try to go by the 90% rule which means that 90% of my calories should come from whole foods. Usually it ends up with around 95-100% but somedays when I hang out with friends the whole day I eat much more junk. I eat around 3500-4000 calories a day and cheat stuff includes canola oil (for oven veggies/potatoes), soft drinks (for taste buds), agave nectar and amino acids (yes I count them as cheat because it's far from a whole food. it's only about 100 calories a day).

A lot of people experience a hard time bulking on a clean diet,and I used to feel the same way, but I figured out a great way to avoid consuming too little calories that works for me, and I bet it would work for others too. (I think it's important to say that I don't add salt to my food but I guess it would benefit this tactic even more). If I eat something spicy or bitter I always want something sweet, and if I eat something sweet I always want something spicy or bitter. So by eating every other meal as a spicy dish and the next as something sweet (often fruits combined with nuts, seeds etc or smoothies) I keep my apetite up and I'm always longing for the next meal.

A normal day looks kind of like this:

Breakfast 0700 am

Essential amino acids

Oatmeal with flax and hemp seeds, cocoa powder, shredded coconut and cinnamon. I usually add some raisins to this because it tastes better, my body still treats it like a "bitter meal".

Snack 1000 am

Sweet mariande tofu sandwhich with veggies (like tomatoe and leafy greens)

Smoothie made of soy milk, banana and berries

Lunch 1200 am

Coconut milk, lentils, cabbage, broccoli, red bell peppers, chili, paprika

Snack 03.00 pm

Fruits and pumpkin seeds or nuts or whatever I like

Pre training 0500-0600 pm

Coffe, essential amino acids, BCAA


Post training 0700 pm

Fruits, essential amino acids

Dinner 0800-0900 pm

Same as lunch + oven fried potatoes

Snack 1100 pm

Fruits and nuts, seeds etc.


Shit is awesome! Kick it.

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I tried the free gym at my university for the first time today. IT SUCKED, FUCK! It's free and I've heard good things about it but fuck no, I'm kind of pissed acctually.

They had two chest press machines, NOT ONE SINGLE BENCH PRESS, FLAT OR INCLINE!!!!?!?!?!?

Two smith machines, NOT ONE FUCKING POWER CAGE OR SQUAT RACK???????????????

In fact, they did not have a single normal barbell, should they even be allowed to call themselves a "gym". Fuck them. Two EZ-bars and not one straight normal one? Crappy disco college students in charge, idiots.


25/11 Shoulders, abs

Seated military press in smith 6 sets

Seated dumbbell press 6 sets

Machine for rear delts 6 sets

Maybe 12 sets of abwork and 6 sets of rotator cuffs.


Suck my balls.

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lol sounds like the one here at the university. I walked in to check it out and walked straight out. I know they get funding too, they just have no idea what to do.


Oh look that rhymes!


It's a shame. The equipment they have here is quite expensive. Machines almost always cost more than free weights so I do not understand what they were thinking of when they purchased all that crap..


26/11 Legs

Leg press for quads 5 sets

Squats 3 sets

Leg press for hams 4 sets

Standing calf press 5 sets

superseted with

Seated calf press 5 sets

Calf press in leg press 3 sets

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you should check out the gym in Älvsjö, First Hotell! rox!


Hmm I might come by someday but I like to have my gym close to home so that it doesn't take too much time. Since I work out 5-6 days a week a commute for 20 minutes to the gym becomes 4 hours per week in total.


Nice to see that you're keeping up with the training, especially with exams!


Thanks! Right now school is "chill" compared to a month ago. After the holidays it will be crazy again. But I feel that I achieve greater results in school when I'm consistent with my workout. It really helps the mental focus.

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28/11 Chest, triceps, abs

Weighted dips 6 sets

Incline dumbbell bench 6 sets

Flat dumbbell bench 5 sets

Incline flies 3 sets

Maybe 12 sets of abs.


Tomorrow my father is coming to visit me and he wanted to hit up a veg buffet so I'm gonna go to Hermans with hm (Tuc knows what I'm talking about) and get my grub on. Hopefully I can train my back before the eating.

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Hey dude thanks for checking in, I really appreciate it!

I started working out two weeks ago and did 4 times a week for 2 weeks. Now I'm in Poland visiting my girlfriend and I do some light excersise like push-ups, crunches etc. When I get back to Stockholm the 1 of February I don't acctually have a gym membership left and I haven't decided what to do. I have a free gym that is really good except for the disturbing fact that they don't have any free weight barbells, just tons of dumbbells and smiths. I really want to save money for traveling and a new gym membership is 4000 sek (500 dollars) so now isn't the perfect time for me to buy a new one. I think I'm gonna go with the free gym, maybe join a canoe club nearby and start paddling. I'm def going to start running some this spring, I used to enjoy cardio a lot more and I think I just need to make it more fun somehow.

We'll see how it works out, I think I'm going to start posting in this log soon again. As I said, thanks for asking!

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