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Newbie from NY


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welcome aboard RawLiving


although i am not raw i'd say i'm about half half and in the warmer weather more raw than cooked


i am in NYC in the boro of Queens (Long Island City); geographically on the same island as you as is Brooklyn, too


actually, i believe veganeatingout is also on Long Island (Suffolk county?), my guess is you're in Nassau?


i am originally from Rockville Centre (Nassau county)


i know there's been talk of a NYC meetup; there is a topic on that so maybe you could attend that if it comes to be


what raw place in Queens did you go to?


there's Exotic Superfoods which is very cool off the LIE although i believe it's still Queens (Fresh Meadows).



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Hey Paulcats02, how're you doing? I live in Suffolk county. I don't know where Veganeatingout is. Got to look into it. I did go to Exotic Superfoods in Queens. Cool place. Have to go back there sometime and get some durian. I think there's a raw meetup group in Baldwin if I'm not mistaken.


Thanks hsorlando.




it's funny when i told a coworker of mine i was originally from long island (nassau), he said nassau county doesn't count and only suffolk county (where he's from) is truly long island!


as for Veganeatingout, my guess is if he is 1.5hours out from the city, he's gotta be in suffolk?


i like Exotic Superfoods, too. it's in a weird spot there right along the LIE on that service rd (horace harding?); you have to be going eastbound or loop de loop. hopefully they get enough business to keep them open. it's not too far from where i am but i am only around there once in a while.


where i grew up in rockville centre (i take that back, i never grew up) was right on the border of baldwin by like 1 block. lemme know if you go to the raw meetup group, i'd be interested in either going or hearing about it.



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