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tiiiti's training journal

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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!


Have an awesome day and week!

thanks! I had a great day



BodyCombat (1h) oh my.. and here I thought last saturday was rough. I was so beat after the class, but it felt so good



No work out today. Just baking, eating out with friends and then we went to my place and ate a whole lot of cake



Core-class (3omin) and LatinoFit (1h)


hmm.. I seem to have lost 4cm on my waist in 2 months. funny

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I did some arm and thigh excercises at home, and then went to dance aerobic (1h)



I didn't have time to go to the gym, 'cos I was desperately trying to clean my apartment before my niece came to visit. Yay! But I did do some stomach and arm excercises at home



Just spending time with my niece. Sometimes hanging out with a 9 year old and trying to keep her entertained counts as excercise...



After dropping off my niece to the buss station this tired auntie needed some quality time with herself. So I hit the gym, and did my gym routine (I pretty much always do the same stuff) And after that I stayed for a indoor cycling class (1h). I was soaked of sweat and felt sooooo good

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