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How y'all doing!


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Hi everybody,

I"ve been following this board for quite a while and i think it's time to become an active poster here after

my debut in the new gym here (i moved from Germany to Minneapolis a week ago) and a new shot at



I come from a Muay Thai background (and other martial arts) so currently i'm not a big muscle dude

since my focus in the last years has been on endurance.

I plan on putting on some weight but I don't want to give up my endurance in the process so I guess

it will take me a little longer to make progress than other people...


Let's talk business:


Routine A:

Bench Press


Wide grip Pullups

Some Ab work (sit ups and leg raises)


Routine B:


Bent over rows

Military press

Ab work (Russian twists and side bends)


As soon as I'm able to do 10 reps in every set (3 work sets) I add some more weight...

I do 3 routines a week. Plus some running and bagwork/drills/MA class.

It's gonna be 3 days a week cardio/endurance.

After i'm well into lifting I plan on doing two weeks hypertrophy (as above) and two weeks

max strength (same as hypertrophy except 4 reps instead of ten) to get those hormones

and metabolism going and build a good foundation for growth.


Edit: I've been vegan for 9 months, vegetarian for about 8 years (I'm 22)...

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Thx for the warm welcome everybody!

My muscles were really sore yesterday and they still are today though not quite as bad...

I also had some sporadic back pains yesterday (probably from deadlifting, although I really

watch my form and only did 135 pounds to start off with, I used to do more).

Man, I have to get into shape again...

I was gonna workout today but I came home later than I thought and overate (over 6 hours without food, forgot

to take stuff with me, big mistake) but I'd better get some good night sleep and do good workout tomorrow than totally suck today.

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Welcome. Your workout program looks real good. However, You don't appear to have any hamstring work in there. I would add some Romanian deadlifts on Routine B. Also, since you are interested in Muay Thai you may want to add some bulgarian split squats or lunges to Routine A so you get some unilateral leg training in.

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@ liftandcode:


Thx! Romanian Deadlifts (from Ross Imanaits Infinite Intesity) and lunges are the only of the named exercises I know but I'll definitely look into it.

These are pretty much just the bare basics to start off with...


@ Amy:


I come from lower Bavaria, a very rural and conservative part of Germany, so I consider myself a little bit "hillbilly"


@ everyone else


thx again for the welcome... I've done Deadlifts again and the back pain is gone. I'll do squats tomorrow and hope my knee will be fine but

I'm pretty optimistic. I feel pretty good and the other day I did a breakdown of my daily food intake and cost (I have only 10 bucks a day and

I buy a lot of organic stuff or other stuff from the coop, so I have to pay close attention to cost). Anyway my breakfast, snack and protein shake

(stuff I eat everyday) amounts to over 90 grams of protein alone and then I eat beans and veggies (pretty much every day, lol).

So the very minimum is 120 often I make 150 grams of protein a day... I'll go into detail in the diet section.


I'm looking forward to joining this community, getting to know people here and getting big and bad!

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