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Screaming or grunting during workout

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Hi Board,


I'm getting into a serious problem: Since some workouts I seem to scream/grunt as much that people talk to me to "gear down" (<- don't know if this is the correct english term) a little bit.


This is kinda blocking me in my intensity: Instead of concentrating on my excercise I am diverted by thinking about if anybody is getting disturbed by me.


There are also other people in my gym that also grunt/scream/whatever and push you to "just scream it out".


Today I was asked why I was screaming and if I was screaming at so less weight I must do something wrong. He said I would disturb him in his concentration and myself in my concentration. I would have more strength without screaming.

I answered that I don't know why I scream, it's just coming during exercise and that I can do more reps this way.


I was/am very irritated by this since I'm the last one who is looking for how much he can lift at an exercise (there is not much that is interesting me less than how much weight I am lifting).

In my opinion weight is always relative: Some people can legpress a lot, others are weak at benchpress etc.

This guy always made a proper impression to me (impressive physique, not yapping).


Don't know what I shall do: Of course I don't want to disturb anybody during his workout but this seems to be the way things work best for me.


Perhaps some of you have a tip for me or can share their experiences.




P.S.: My first post. Introduction will follow...

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Yeah I got a tip, tell them all to fuck off.

What you do is your business, and who the hell is someone to judge you and what you lift.

Now if you are screaming like you are at a game and your team just scored or some shit I can understand to tone it down, but if your grunting and feeling the workout I say fuck other people, I highly doubt they would care if you asked em to be quiet so you can lift, I gotta say thats one of the most dumbass things I have ever heard someone be asked, its a gym what the hell?

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I used to be like that. Someone gave me a good piece of advice on it, but I cannot remember. I dont do it anymore though. It was something like centering it all in the middle and keeping quiet. Not all gyms are going to accept loudness. If it is just a particular person and not a gym staff member then just ignore them. Wear an ipod and nobody will dare say something to you and if they try just dont take your headphones off to acknowledge them. Block em all out!

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interesting subject. Yeah, I just read an article recently that said that grunting and groaning wasn't allowed in that gym and people were mad about it.


I think society is becoming so spoiled, censored and "uniform".


I totally get that it would disturb your concentration if you have to worry about disturbing someone... and I really don't feel that you should have to hold it in... that's ridiculous. But maybe because now the problem is distracting YOU from giving it your all, maybe you could ask the gym staff when the least crowded time is and workout then so you can grunt away in peace

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Yeah it's hard to judge without hearing it personally, but I would normally say don't worry about it. Strange that people would approach you really. I guess the best thing you can do is say you're sorry that it bugs them, but that's just the noise you make when you lift

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Oh crap... I did not know the gym was a library? shhh I am reading....! Come on now. I workout and there are people there that I swear they sound like they are dying. I mind my business and let them be. I think the problem is those who complain are obviously there to not workout because I am just to busy at the gym to think about bothering someone else.


Best thing to do is go. Say I sorry but I am pushing my self to my max intensity and sometimes you need a warcry to get that last set up. I hope you can understand that I am here to train. If it seems that your being bothered by many maybe it is just the wrong gym and you need to go to one where guys are out to get that aggression out. Like and MMA fighters.

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I think that part of the problem with grunting/shouting is that people are either


A) Intimidated, or


B) Thinking that you're just doing it for effect and don't really need to be so loud


Sometimes it's one, sometimes both, but plenty of people these days seem to have a problem with it. Hell, I've had a few people get mad at me because I "set the bar down too hard" when deadlifting, of all things Though, I can say I have seen my share of attention-getters who shout on every set, and those people do need to be muzzled (why on earth would someone need to let out a yell on all 12 reps in a set? If you can get that many, then those first 10 really can't be too hard, can they?)


I used to make more verbal noise when lifting, but I learned to quiet down considerably by either keeping my teeth clenched so that I could only growl a bit when things got tough, or, I'll open wide on a particularly tough rep and sort of make a hissing sound as I start to struggle. Both ways let me effectively vent to some degree without freaking out everyone around me, but it took time to learn to replace the occasional shout with quieter means. Personally, I don't care if someone's loud or quiet, but if it means that people don't bother me about being too loud, I'll just keep muffling things a bit so I can have my privacy

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Wow, thanks to every one of you for your answer!

maybe you could ask the gym staff when the least crowded time is and workout then so you can grunt away in peace

I think this will be the most practical way. Perhaps it would be enough to train one hour later.


I think I should mention that I was approached at my last two workouts in succession: First one of the gym staff asked me to gear down a little bit in case of there are new customers looking around in the gym and last workout the other guy as I already described.


I was approached earlier by other gym members but always in a positive and supportive way: "Yeah, this is the right way: SCREAM!!!" and kinda stuff or:

"Hey, is it possible you are listening too much Death Metal?"


My girlfriend agreed with me not to care about it. If she would train she would also scream to "unleash" more power.


I've thought about this today and I've come to the conclusion that there is not much I can do (apart from veggieprincess' suggestion): If anyone is feeling disturbed by me, I will kindly tell him that I'm sorry but this is the way it works best for me (as some of you recommended).


If this would result in that I have to leave the gym (in worst case) - like this guy: Outrageous - so be it!

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I grunt when I lift heavy weight.


Ever since I started training with my ipod shuffle on, the volume of my grunting has increased, cuz I can't hear it that well. It's all good though.


Sometimes I even throw the weights down, especially if I'm DB benching and there heavy. I try not to do that though cuz it's bad gym ettiquite. <-"They tryin' kill me! They tryin give me 2 different weight!"


Sex points to whoever gets the quote.

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hell I scream and talk to myself during workouts and also give myself a girly applause at the end of each set - lol

I'd love to see that!


I'm always happy when I hear other people do stuff like that so I don't have to feel like the only weirdo around

I actually do refer to myself in the 3rd person, but only indirectly via imperatives like "C'mon" etc.

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i never make much noise during a workout; i feel that screaming and the like has the effect of making you feel like you have nothing left and are struggling to do the last rep and putting your last bit of energy into it, whearas not doing so makes you feel like you can go on more, but maybe thats just me.

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If that makes you feel better, go for it! When I was new at lifting weights I used to find funny the grunting thing, now that I understand why it happens, I find myself doing it. It's not something that I can control on my last 2 reps. Also I make that face too Lately I've found that a good Yeah Buddy works too, just for the fun of it.


Perhaps if somebody says soemthing again you can always tell them that you're sorry that they're too sensitive but that you can't help it.


Other than that I have a friend who snores really bad and when we go camping he brings new earplugs for everybody

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