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Thank you for contacting PETA.




Please understand that PETA opposes any activity that causes intentional harm to animals, including hunting and fishing.




As a 501©(3) nonprofit organization, PETA is prohibited from participating in any political campaigns or endorsing or opposing a particular candidate or party. But we do encourage you to contact the candidate or party that you are interested in directly for their positions on the issues that are important to you.




To learn a candidate’s position on a comprehensive list of issues, please contact Project Vote Smart at 1-888-VOTE-SMART or through its Web site http://www.votesmart.org/.




PETA’s “Guide to Letter-Writing” (http://www.PETA.org/actioncenter/letter-writing-guide.asp) offers helpful tips for writing to elected officials.




To learn more about ways to combat cruelty to animals as “sport,” please see the following Web sites:




· http://www.HelpingAnimals.com/travel_attractions_hunting.asp


· http://www.PETA.org/mc/factsheet_display.asp?ID=53


· http://www.FishingHurts.com




Thanks again for writing and for everything that you do for animals!








The PETA Staff



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^ I have a much better idea then that.


If you've ever seen "The Pest" You would know what I mean


Put all the hunters in the world into an uncharted island. Have a selected group of anti-hunters( Dressed in animal costumes ) roam the island carrying BB Guns. And then. Let the hunt begin. Muahaha.


I'd have recommended real guns. But we'd just be as bad as them( And the fact that they are people ). But BB guns hurt like a bitch. Those hunters would cry and whelp all day and night. But then they'd realize that that aint shit compared to what they do.

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hey DV said I'm like the Sarah Palin of Canada, lol. Don't know exactly what she meant by that, I'm not even a politician, and surely not a woman. ahah, I don't know much about her, she's probably an asshole, but I find she has a funny name, Sarah Palin...


Oh you should read up on her because the whole world is fucked if she becomes VP. McCain is about to croak, which means if that happens, she could be president.


But it won't.

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Yeah, Obama doesn't have to worry about being a real women. He has Safeway (Grocery Store) kill his moose for him.

Yeah, I see this as a big political difference. lol


I agree that Obama isn't much better when it comes to animal welfare/rights but the moose thing is just offensive and provocative.

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