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Halloween Question

Dr. Pink

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I've been thinking long and hard about what I want to be for Halloween. I've narrowed it down to two possibilities. But I do have a question about one.


I was thinking of going as Tom Cruise from his scene in Risky Business. When he's wearing Socks, A white Shirt and underwear. But. Would that be considered indecent exposure? I wouldn't be wearing pants. But then again it's Halloween. Hasn't there been costumes out there that got away with worse? Like Ass-Less chaps and lingerie that shows off a lot of skin? Would not wearing any pants really make any difference?

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At first when I read that I was concerned that you'd gone all Scottish and then I remembered that I was on a mainly American site, so to me that's trousers right?

I think that sounds like pretty cool get up as long as underwear is included, you should see what some of the girls wear down my way for halloween - I think the purpose is to wear as little as possible for them, which for me, having mainly male friends - means hanging out with googleeyed zombies all night - poor lads.

Personally at halloween I am quite boring and either go with a witch or a vampire - Vegan Vampires rock!

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