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To animal lovers with cars please: urgent and time-sensitiv


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If you can help, please contact Molly directly at [email protected] ...if not...please pass on.






Here’s the brutal reality. If this run does not fill, these animals will die. James has no room to keep them. Just being selfish here, but, I really don’t want to have to spend my birthday knowing I failed to fill a transport that killed 16 animals.


I am begging, groveling, whatever I have to do, but, I MUST fill this transport. I have few contacts in PA, but, I do have drivers in OH, but, I’m still short. PLEASE, if you can drive, please let me know. It’s already Thursday night and I am still 9 drivers short. I am past panicked. If you’re out of the area, please cross post far and wide.


Thank you so much for all you do!!










T r anspo r t fo r 6 dogs, 7 cats, and 3 kittens


Shelbyville, KY to Lyndhurst , NJ and Kirkwood , NY and Toledo , OH


Satu r day October 18, 2008








We desperately need to move these animals THIS weekend. I had a hugely bad week last week and didn’t get it out in time. These poor babies are now on borrowed time. Please help if you can! If you can’t please cross post and forward.




All of the animals are completely vetted, but, there are no leashes and collars available, so you will need to bring your own.




Please note that 2 of the dogs will split off after leg 1, so there are 4 dogs and 10 cats. All of the cats will be in their own carriers with their own litterbox. There is no need to take the cats out of the carriers. All 10 cats will be in carriers!!!




Please let me know ASAP if you are able to help. If your vehicle is large enough to hold all of the animals, let me know and I won’t ask for 2 drivers!




Please provide me with the following information:




Full Name:




Home Phone:


Cell Phone:






Thank you so much!




Molly Kendall

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aaw... I truly hope you find transportation for these poor lil guys. How great that you "do what you do" compassionategirl.


By the way... I know you don't post here anymore (at least that's what I heard) and I never got to know you here on the board... but after reading this thread... I can see why there was such mixed reviews of your leaving:




That was sure an interesting read... even for just skimming the first 11 pages. You are definitely a girl who is passionate about your convictions and I respect that. I too, am a Christian and sometimes wish there were more Christian Vegans. Hopefully as Veganism grows there will be more of us.


p.s. if you come back and read this... PM me your myspace... would love to be a myspace friend with you

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