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Highlights from my talk in Venice, CA last week


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Thanks guys/gals. I have a lot to work on, but it's a constant progression and this is just part of one talk. I give talks every week, radio interviews every week, etc. these days as well, so each one is an opportunity to learn, become better and improve my ability to share ideas with people.


I enjoy it and I look forward to speaking twice this week in Florida and throughout the rest of the year.


I was on World Vegan Radio this morning and I'll be on www.kboo.fm on Wed the 22nd at 9:30AM PST if you want to listen in. It was recorded last week and will air this Wednesday.


Thanks. I challenge myself to grow in whatever I'm doing and this is one of my new areas of interest.

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Thanks. I'm really going to focus on the "ums" and filler words. Some presentations I give are great! Others I stumble a bit, and it's all part of the process of improving.


Here is a question and answer segment from that same talk:




I know I look skinny....it's the camera angle That same weekend I looked pumped in other photos....so I don't feel too bad, but it reminds me that I need to each much more.


Anyway, I stumble through the first minute and then I get going and that is how it often is, but I'm working on removing all the fillers and "ums" and pauses that don't need to be there.


A constant journey to improvement and it's a fun ride.



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Yeah man, I can't believe how many times I say "erm" the trouble is, if I remove them (which I do sometimes) then I just stare blankly until I think of the word I need! I don't know which is better really... maybe I need a mantra that I can repeat instead of erm, to buy me some time... here are some I recommend:


"It's like my dad always said"

"Listen carefully to what I'm going to tell you right now"

"Did you ever notice that there's not really a difference between coke and pepsi? That reminds me..."

"Phew, is it hot in here or what? Anyway"

"30 years, on the job, that's a long time, on the job. 30 years, that's a long time"

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