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Before and After Photo's/inspirations!


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There's so many awesome people on this board that are working hard to reach their personal fitness goals! wherever you know it or not your an inspiration to others and you prove that Vegans can hang/compete with the best of em!


Does anyone have any before and in between/after pix they want to share/inspire? Don't be shy coz I know ya gottem!


Here's mine!


Before: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a84/Bigbwii/82305.jpg


In between: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a84/Bigbwii/Ava5514.jpg

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What's your plans for your body? what kind of look are you going for?


hmmmh.. haha, to be honest I´m looking forward to an arnold schwarzenegger style body... you know, a small midriff, big chest very big lats and shoulders, big arms, and to massive legs...

but cause I´wont be able to gain taht naturally I´ll bulk my body to my genetical limit and then try to reach a moderate definition.. I just hope I did not reach my genetical limit yet

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I'm kinda in the same boat, I wanna see what my bodies designed for! I'd like a Mike Mentzer type build how much do you wiegh now?



hehe yeah mike mentzner looks like hell... but I like arnolds symetry better


at the moment I´m at 200 lbs.. i want to reach 203 lbs in the next months

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I'm 200lbs also right now I'm gaining wieght like wildfire! I can gain 3-5lbs in a week! I've actually been cutting down but I'm still gaining!

What wieght do you want to stop at? I'm thinking at 220-230lbs.


hahahahha what?? heavy, 3- 5 lbs a week.. How i said, i have to become fruitarian and then drop it... i cant explain this gaining another way...

I dont think i´ll reach that much... I´m only 1,78 m....

I hop to get 210-215 lbs... but than I wont be ripped or so.. I focus a moderate definded body at 195 lbs

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Hey this is my first post here, some of you will know me from vf.net. I have been trying to eek out some motivation for my self recently and have been reviewing my progress for encouragment


I have a WIP on vbb.org which I will update in a couple of months, I am looking better than the most recent pictures below at the moment.





I aint doing to bad for a natural and considering the amount of time I spent over the years training (not much), I have been to busy with degree work to focus, but at the moment I can focus on improving more.

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Hey Gentduke,


Great to see you over in our neck of the woods. Welcome to the forum, and great pics. Keep it up mate!


And Richard.....always inspiring!


Great job to all of you, motivation and inspiration are keys to success!


-Thin Thin Inspiration Him

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Yeah, she did. VeganMadre is also known for her sexy legs


I love seeing all the body transformation photos and reading the stories behind them. That is how we can motivate others and encourage them to go vegan, by saying.....look how far I've come; from that.....to THIS!


So great job everyone, keep on inspiring others.



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Okay here's the real before and during photos of me. A long time ago, I was very over weight, but then I lost the weight through dieting (I didn't do any weight-lifting or exercise at all). This is a photo of me after I lost weight, before I started weight lifting:




And this is a recent photo (that I've posted before). Main thing you can see in this comparison is the size of my forearms:



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