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Before and After Photo's/inspirations!


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I have read in various sources that Goldberg is a vegetarian, and that the majority of his diet is plant-based. But I don't know for sure how vegetarian he is. I sent him an email last year asking him, but didn't get a reply yet.

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Oi Goldberg. I'm writing to ask you if you are in fact vegetarian because if you are not I'm going to come round and beat you up.


In fact even if you are vegetarian I'm still gonna come and beat you up becasuse you should be vegan.


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I was going to start a "befor and after" photo thread, but it looks like we already have one.


I wish I had before pictures, but I looked even skinnier and starved than some of the other before pictures here, and couldn't bear to take a picture of myself without a shirt, I looked like a crack addict!


That's cool that Goldberg eats a mostly plant based diet. I'm not much into wrestling, but it's cool to hear that a couple of them are into the plants like us.

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I am like most of you...I've heard a variety of things about Bill Goldberg. I think I tried contacting him a time or two in the past. I know he does attend animal rights events sometimes, and I've read that he mostly eats plant-based foods. But I read an interview with him when I was in Denmark and he mentioned dairly, eggs, meat, or all three.. I remember being really pumped about the article because it was all vegan-friendly until the end when he mentinoed fish or something like that. I am trying to recall, but he might be anti-milk, not sure.


What is the big deal with fish? Seriously? How many "celebrities" or others do you know who claim to be veggie but eat fish?


A lot of them!


I never liked eating fish 10 years ago before I was vegan.


Now, I love fish, which is why I don't eat them.



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