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Intro: Should of done this first.


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My bad I just realized I never posted an intro, which is probably why only a select few have been to visit my other thread. Anyway here's a short (my intros are never short...lol) intro.


Originally from HI (Hawaii) now in AK (Alaska). Those are both in the United States, the 50th and 49th states respectively. Neither considered part of the mainland or lower-48. My highest recorded weight was 340lbs. I'd imagine I was much larger, but I never really cared about being "fat" or "large" as my family/extended family are all rather large people. My motivation to slimdown wasn't really health reasons, but rather budgeting concerns. I moved out to a new place (a village actually) and found that I was spending way too much money on foods that I did not enjoy, but were the only ones available and convenient for me. I started Atkins, with a roommate, and was faithful from 2002-2007 and lost a ton of weight. We both would buy bulk frozen meats and have it shipped to us. I'd say down to approx 240lbs from dieting alone.


Then I moved to another city in the state and gradually found myself feeling more and more unhealthy, while still maintaining the exact same meat only diet. I found issues with my overall digestion as well as pain in my gall bladder and major issues with having a normal bowel movement. There would be 4 or even 5 days where I would not have one, so I bought a book on digestive wellness. In the book I read up and familiarized myself with the digestive system. There was a recommendation for a 2 week fruit/vegetable flush, which I took seriously. After just a few days in, I was having regular daily bowel movements, a reduction in overall side/abdominal pain and a general sense of well being. This was enough to convince me to switch my entire diet to a strict vegetarian one, no eggs, no milk, no honey, etc. Like I said before, it is easy for me to set a routine and stick with it, so I did just that. I did a ton of research to make sure to have a complete and nutritious strict vegetarian diet. As well as a cardio routine, which developed into a strength training + cardio routine.


Anyway I won't bore you guys with more details, but I've got a semi-active thread over in the Online Journals and Blogs, which has pics and such. I've changed up my meals a bunch and routine and haven't revealed them yet until the fine tuning is done. But I'd like to say that I am thankful that a place like this exists where I can find like-minded people, since I live in the land of the hunters and it's next to impossible to find a vegan/vegetarian here.

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Hi and welcome! It's really great that you did all these experiments on yourself for your diet. And I didn't know it was possible to grow veggies in Alaska!


Yes only the top third of the state has tundra or permafrost, which makes it very very difficult to plant or grow anything edible by humans. Although the rest of the state can grow some amazing record breaking stuff.

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