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I think Wolfe is saying since there's polution and stressful modern living, we could use superfoods....from his site.Lol. I find superfoods cheaper at health stores.


Matt Monarch's interview was remarkable!

I had many different strong emotions while watching. He was so open and genuine(stark contrast from the US presidential campaigns I've been watching).


I'm reminded of the song 2112 by Rush:


I know its most unusual

To come before you so

But Ive found an ancient miracle

I thought that you should know


Listen to my music

And hear what it can do

Theres something here as strong as life

I know that it will reach you

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I would like to watch them, but my internet is tooooo slow for this.

I could only watch the first day's vids when i was at my bro's place...


-I hope I can watch them later... bye the way, can I? (I wacthed the first two one day later)

-What was D. Graham talking about? or were there any interesting stuff(from the others as well)


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