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Hey crew,


I'm coming to Chicago on Sunday and I still don't know where I'm staying. I'm going to be at the McCormick Place Sun-Tue downtown so I'm hoping to stay down in that area so I can walk or take a short cab to the venue I'll be working at for Vega.


In most cities I travel to, I just stay with forum members or friends. I've never really been to Chicago, just passed through a few times and don't have many connections there.


Can someone in the area let me know where a good place to stay downtown is? I've been researching and most are really expensive or unavailable or a few miles away.


Anyone familiar with the McCormick Place and the area around there? I'd rather not get a rental car and drive around, but it means staying with a friend or forum member and saving money that way, I'd do it.




I know it is short notice, but wanted to try to sort it out sooner than later.





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If you can't find a place to stay I live by the train. My parents would be cool with it. Too bad I don't have my own apartment yet. It's about a 50-60 minute train ride into downtown, but only for about 5 bucks, and it's the Metra so it's a LOT nicer than the El(although I love the El too). You can very easily get to the McCormick place from there (by bus).




Check that out for info on bus and train service so you don't get stuck at the end of the line late at night when service ends on some of the bus lines. They should have maps and things at the place you're staying. Chicago is pretty easy to navigate thanks to our awesome grid system.


Just PM me today if you haven't found anything out. I have to go to work in a few or I'd do some quick research. I can do this later when I get home. If you do need a place to stay this will give me an excuse to clean stuff up. We should at least go grab something to eat if you have any free time!


Isn't there one more forum member who recently moved to the Chicago area? Not sure if she posts anymore and I can't remember her SN. Chicago meetup!


Crap I really need to down a protein shake and go to work. Good luck and just PM me if you can't find anything and you can crash at my place!

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Thanks man....I haven't been online for days, but I'm here


I found a place to stay with one of the featured athletes on our main site.


I was thinking about you today....I'm going to Chicago Diner Tuesday around 6PM. I wanted to invite everyone in the area to attend! I'll announce it on here and on myspace and facebook and hope some people come out. I've been in touch with a few from all those sites....so many helpful people who offered their place and I really appreciate your offer too.


Hope to see you tomorrow. Short notice, I know, but if you can come out, I'll arrive around 6 or 6:30PM at the latest with my friend Claudia and anyone else from here, myspace or facebook who reads my announcement invitation and decides to show up.

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I went to Chicago for vacation. Love that city! seems people love to walk there. I had such a good time. Hey Robert you have to check out the Chrome bean or so I call it at the main park. That is mad cool and kinda looks like the liquid terminator material....


If you do have time to tour Chicago... take the bus tour. For 20 bucks you can get on and off the buses and the buses come with a tour guide who explains a lot of the city. I stayed at the HYATT when I was there. It has the worlds guiness book of records "longest Bar" Lot of liquor... It is pretty long. Funny though!


Anyway enjoy your stay... shout out to the Chicago area ... I love your city!

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