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Squats and E-Z Bar


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Hey all. Long time lurker.


So I recently moved to a new apartment complex and the lil gym here doesn't have a barbell. It instead has an E-Z Curl bar. And I was wondering if it was possible to do squats with an E-Z bar in place of a barbell?


Or is it possible and you just shouldn't do it because it will cause injury?


Thanks and sorry for being a noob in advance.



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Welcome to the forums. It would be cool if you would write something in the intro section


I don't think it is safe to do squats with a EZ bar. Sounds dangerous. I like my grip of the bar to be wide so I have good balance and so on. I don't know how strong you are either but imagine putting a 100kg EZ bar on your shoulders

Is there any way to get the gym to buy a proper barbell? I mean it is far below standard not to have one.

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