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Definition of a Vegan (link)

Vegan Joe

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October 23, 1:22 AM

by Havik Pressley, Houston Vegan Examiner

veg·an n. A vegetarian who eats plant products only, especially one who uses no products derived from animals, as fur or leather.


Have you ever wondered "what the heck is a vegan anyway"? Most people think that we are frail,...

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The above is a definition for a vegan diet, not a vegan. A person can eat a vegan diet and not be a vegan, because being a vegan means to hold an ethical belief. The word "vegan" was coined by Donald Watson and his wife in the 40s. The were part of the British Vegetarian Society when they realized that merely abstaining from meat was obsolete. That animals were suffering the SAME and still still being killed in the dairy and egg industries. More importantly they realized the problem was not directly about food choice, but about the belief that animals are ours to exploit. They formed the word "vegan" from contracting "vegetarian" and created the term to mean someone who believes that it is wrong to use animals for our own purposes.

Once they did this they formed the Vegan Society.


Here is the original letter:


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The above is a definition for a vegan diet, not a vegan.


I think by including that a vegan doesn't consume leather or uses other animal products from animals, his definition was a short way of explaining the vegan ethic (note that this definition isn't just a vegan diet- it includes other products). I think it's a good definition and you're being too harsh because of his views elsewhere on the forum.

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