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Crystal's Failed Grad School Training

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Falling behind in my log!


9 Nov

DB Bench: 10 x 30s, 10 x 35s, 8 x 40s, 3 x 45s - shoulder better but tender, wrists totally eff'ed from overexertion setting up a fundraiser (details below). Supersetted with:


DB Fly: 10 x 20s, 10 x 20s, 10 x 20s


Incline Bench: 10 x 65 lbs, 10 x 75 lbs, 5 x 85 lbs


DB Decline: 10 x 30s, 8 x 40s, 7 x 40s - no barbell decline bench in this gym


Good day, workout was with vegan801power who is back in town (wahoo!) and with Robert Cheeke who was visiting for a fundraiser (details below).



10 Nov

Able to squat again


Squat: 10 x bar, 4 x pistol, 10 x 135 lbs, 8 x 155 lbs

1 x 5 x 170 lbs

4 x 5 x 175 lbs

Was a little worried on these since I couldn't squat last week, but it went up! So happy to get all those


Crazy Superset of:

Leg Ext: 3 x 7 x 50 lbs - one leg at a time

Leg Curl: 3 x 10 x 70 lbs - both legs, right hammy is feeling stronger

Seated Calf: 3 x 7 x 70 lbs - kicked my bum!


With vegan801power and last day with Robert Cheeke, took him to the airport afterward lifting . Got some pictures I'll have to post soon. I invited him up to SLC to speak at the Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary's vegan Thanksgiving dinner, even though we had no money to pay his way here, but he came anyway! Helped us out TONS - huge props to him for going out of his way to do this. Seriously a nice guy But, that fundraiser about mowed me under - spend ALL day setting up, then worked the event, then stayed until it was completely cleaned up after. Could barely move by the end!

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You rock big time!


So impressed with you all week! From the work you do with the farm at the farm, to the work you do organizing events, to planning out my entire trip and making it one of my best trips period. It was so much fun!


You kick butt in the gym too (I'm a Disney guy so I say butt) and you rocked the squats tonight!


Thanks again for everything.


I can't wait to be back in SLC!!!!


You and Vegan801Power should come to Portland at the same time one of these days. With all your other SLC friends who moved here and me and Ed and others, we can really rock some great workouts and great times!


Say hi to all the farm animals for me! I'll try to post pics soon...but if it's not soon, just know that I'm swamped with work and will post when I can.

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Thanks Robert


11 Nov 09

Hooray, shoulder/wrists were good enough for a shoulder day


Push Press: 10 x bar, 10 x 75 lbs, 8 x 85 lbs, 6 x 95 lbs


Arnold Press: 10 x 25s, 10 x 27.5s, 9 x 27.5s, 9 x 27.5s


Rear-Delt Rows: 3 x 10 x 70 lbs


Upright Row: 10 x 50 lbs, 10 x 50 lbs


Another great day at the gym - I'm always so happy to workout after I've been hurting, makes me appreciate the good days Wahoo!


Oh, and a couple of pictures from the other day - a couple of my favorite people in the world! Vegan801power to my left, Robert Cheeke to the right. Just having a little post-workout fun (I think both guys complained that it had been a leg day so their arms were not at their best )




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Happy birthday Crystal/Frostfire (assuming Robert knows what he's talking about )


Push Press: 10 x bar, 10 x 75 lbs, 8 x 85 lbs, 6 x 95 lbs


That is a damn good overhead... ever given any thought do doing a strongwoman meet? You've got a great deadlift and good overhead strength, I think you'd do well

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  • 2 weeks later...

Awww, thanks everyone! Yes, it was indeed my B-day, I'm officially 30! I spent it on the road down to Mexico, woke up to below freezing temperatures (we were camping out) and frost on my sleeping bag Spent most of the day driving, but it ended in Mexico on the beach so I'd say it was a great birthday


And thanks for the encouragement ralst! I would like to compete a little here and there


23 Nov 09

Back at it, and back from Mexico where I was working my tail off and occasionally lounging on the beach and swimming in the gulf On to the workout, with vegan801power as usual:


Squats: 20 x 135 lbs - its amazing what a little rest will do, these all went up "easy" and I hardly paused, a first for my 20 reppers in a long time!


Bench: 15 x bar, 10 x 75 lbs, 6 x 100 lbs, 5 x 105 lbs, 5 x 105 lbs, 4 x 110 lbs, 4 x 110 lbs - went back a week in my bench program since I was gone so long in Mexico (9 days!)


Cable Incline Fly: 10 x 20 lbs, 10 x 20 lbs, 5 x 30 lbs

Cable Decline Fly: 10 x 30 lbs, 10 x 30 lbs, 7 x 40 lbs

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Thanks Robert


24 Nov 09

*5 minute warm-up on eliptical


Push Press: 10 x bar, 7 x 85 lbs, 8 x 85 lbs, 4 x 95 lbs, 4 x 95 lbs


Quick set of incline sit-ups


Seated DB Press: 3 x 10 x 25s - just to round things off nicely


Cable Rear Delt: 8 x 20 lbs, 7 x 20 lbs, 7 x 20 lbs


Drop-down Sets:

Bicep: 60-20 lbs

Tricep: 50-20 lbs


*20 minutes cardio on eliptical - too much energy still!


Still fun to workout with vegan801power, but different than what I'd do otherwise. Got snubbed for a leg workout today

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25 Nov 09


Squat: 10 x bar, 10 x 135 lbs,

5 x 170 lbs

5 x 180 lbs

5 x 180 lbs

5 x 180 lbs

5 x 180 lbs


SLDL: 3 x 10 x 135 lbs


Push-up Contest: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 (did an extra on accident), 12, 14, 16, f on trying to get 18!


Seated Calf: 10 x 70, 10 x 70, 10 x 75, 10 x 75


Oh yeah, great day of squatting with vegan801power - he did a couple sets of 6 reps at 245 lbs!!! Amazing!

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30 Nov. 09


Squat: 20 x 145 lbs (well, 15 then 5 more - I suck!)


Bench: 10 x bar, 10 x 85 lbs

2 x 3 x 110 lbs

2 x 2 x 115 lbs

1 x 3 negatives x 135 lbs


Incline: 10 x 75 lbs, 8 x 85 lbs, 8 x 85 lbs, 7 x 85 lbs


DB Decline: 10 x 30s, 10 x 35s, 10 x 35s (no decline barbell at this gym)

superseted with:

DB Decline Fly: 8 x 20s, 10 x 15s, 10 x 15s


And that was it, totally wiped out. Hit an all-you-can-eat Chinese grill afterwards and ate my weight in tofu (with a coconut curry sauce) .

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The same grill I have been to?


You can eat like a machine when it comes to those blocks of tofu and curry sauce! You rocked me!


Hey, I was pressing 100's today for incline and they didn't fall on my face like they nearly did in SLC....I guess if they had fallen.....my face would have fallen off!


Hope all is great!


Say hi to Harold for me as well and keep training hard!


I'm hanging out with Julia again and it's great!


Hope we can both come to SLC to see you sometime.

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Yup! Same grill Thanks for checking in, glad to hear all is well with you (and Julia! Hooray!! ).


1 Dec 09 - Tues

*6 minute warm-up on eliptical


Push Press: 10 x bar, 10 x 75 lbs, 10 x 85 lbs, 6 x 95 lbs, 6 x 95 lbs


Incline Sit-Ups: 40, 35


Machine Rear-Delt Rows: 8 x 85 lbs, 9 x 85 lbs, 9 x 85 lbs, 7 x 75 lbs


DB Seated Shoulder Press: 10 x 27.5s, 10 x 30s, 10 x 30s - this was after a failed attempt to do upright rows, but my elbow is NOT cooperating , but these were okay


Good shoulder day with vegan801power, especially for me having an elbow that's pretty much out of commission! Its funny how things go, pressing was no problem but just about everything else hurt! Even went climbing afterwards, but it was all crazy mostly one-handed moves as I couldn't pull off my left arm so good


AND, pecs are so sore from yesterday . To quote my awesome lifting partner "my pecs had to call the rape crisis hotline after that session" .

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2 Dec 09 - Wed


Box Squats: 10 x bar, 10 x 135 lbs

5 x 155 lbs, 5 x 165 lbs, 5 x 155 lbs, 5 x 155 lbs, 5 x 155 lbs


HS Leg Press: 10 x 270 lbs, 10 x 270 lbs, 10 x 360 lbs, 10 x 360 lbs

Supersetted with HS LepPress Calf: 4 x 10 x 270 lbs


And that was it, enough to make me want to cry - damn you vegan801power! My autoimmune crap has been bugging me so much lately, was running a fever a little last night and I know its just because I've been overdoing it too much lately (not just in the gym, with school mostly!!!).

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Glad to see the workouts are awesome!


I trained legs today too. Say hi to Vegan801Power for me too!


Hey, I'm getting pretty good at Crushing It and want to start brainstorming ways to help raise funds for Ching and to get a lot of eyeballs to your blog. We should chat sometime


All the best!


Hey, if you're free in late March, we should go on the Crush It Cruise!




Recover and have an outstanding week!

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