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Hello! Vegan in Manila


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Hey y'all. My name is Charli and I've been vegan for about a year out of the twenty years I've been on this earth. I'm taking up a BS in Nursing here in the Philippines and then go back to the US when I'm done with college. I decided to go vegan when my parents brought home a really cute Pug puppy named Philip after many years of on and off vegeterianism. I just held Philip's little body in my hands and felt his heartbeat. Aww. So looked up all the things I could on Veganism and it totally shook up my foundations. I think a plant based diet that doesn't have animal products is healthier and better for the environment. A nurse should know better anyway, right?


So I don't have any definate goals beyond looking and feeling awesome when it comes to goals. Wait, I do know I want to increase strength. I don't have any specific goals as of now.


I just love being in the gym and some of my friends tease me about it. But screw them, it's fun and it's a great way to destress after class.


Um, that's it for now.


Thanks for having me.


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Hi I'm close by in Guam. I'll be going to Manila soon for dental work but I neeed to find a good dentist first. What's it like to be vegan in Manila? Are there any vegan or vegetarian restuarants? I have a lot of filipino friends here, but they are all into eating meat.


Welcome to the group!

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