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I haven't posted in a long time--I have totally fallen out of routine with my lifting, have basically quit cycling, and do almost no working out these days. But I am changing that--I've started my endurance lifting again today (2 minutes per arm with 10 pounds) and I plan on getting my bicycle tuned up and ready to ride within the next few weeks.


I have lately been getting very little sleep (on the order of 4-5 hours a night, then 12 hours the night before my day off) on account of work and personal responsibilities. I wonder if this, combined with my lack of exercise, is the cause of the horrible gain of fat I have accumulated. I have gone from being fit and lean to having a beer gut and (oh the horror) the beginnings of...moobs.


I want to GET BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK, but Matt Foley might not be my best role model. So I am going to start posting here again to get in the right mindset for getting fit and in shape again!


Edit: Could someone please move this to Introductions? I meant to post it there.

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