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Life After Death

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Sunday 11/30

I didn't do abs. I had to work on class assignments all day.


Monday 12/1

11" Box Squats 3sx5rx210lbs

DB Bench 2sx5rx60lbs, 1sx4rx60lbs, falied on 5th rep

T-Bar Row 3sx5rx115lbs


Food Log


I made miscalculations on Friday and Saturday


Friday 11/28

Calories: 2020

Fat: 55g

Carbs: 260g

Protein: 115g


Saturday 11/29

Calories: 2110

Fat: 68g

Carbs: 259g

Protein: 125g


Monday 12/1

Calories: 2100

Fat: 64g

Carbs: 224g

Protein: 135g

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Wednesday 12/3

Food Log

Calories: 2070

Fat: 62g

Carbs: 182

Protien: 147g


Thursday 12/4

DL 1sx5rx290lbs

RDL 3sx5rx220lbs (I narrowed my stance)

BN Lat Pulls 3sx10rx250lbs


Tabata Squats: 4 minutes


Calories: 2100

Fat: 59g

Carbs: 248g

Protein: 131g

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Super sweet, a food log! You been checking your blood sugar levels? The doc return your msg?
When you wrote this post I said I would call my nutritionist after the holiday weekend. I feel fine since I started eating brown rice again, so there's no need to call her. My blood sugar levels aren't as low as they need to be, but they aren't out the roof either.
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