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i wear vegan booty shorts


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hi, i'm jamie.


- i've only been a vegan for a little less than six months.

- my favorite herb is basil.

- i'm finishing up my bachelor's degree at uc berkeley.

- max weight i've ever squatted was 135.

- i can beat super mario world in 13 minutes.

- i wear vegan booty shorts.

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hello, my friends. (political reference unintended)


bodybag - please elaborate on the "deep squat"; i am very much interested in attaining this proposed "ghetto booty."

The second video without the pause if you're new to doing Full Squats. Start off with a light weight or a barbbell without weight to learn proper form.


Full Squat



flexibility work full squat pause



Mark Rippetoe Coaching the Squat


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Hi, i'm Dan

I've been a vegan 6 months,

The most ive squatted is a tumble dryer

I can beat anyone on earth on mariokart N64

My favorite herb was cannabis, until it gave me a lung infection


Great intro, very amusing!



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hello you gorgeous people.


thanks everyone for the hospitality.


robert - i bought my vegan booty shorts at the sf vegetarian day fair in early october (i was a volunteer). i actually bought them from melissa. she also sold me a dvd that you star in. i therefore know what you buy at the market.

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Welcome Jamie!


- I've been a vegan for about 2½ years.

- My favorite herb is basil too.

- I'm finishing my master's degree at Turku School of Economics.

- Max weight I've ever deadlifted is 384 lbs.

- I can't beat Super Mario without cheating. You rule!

- I want to see pics of those booty shorts.

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So bumping this up and leaving the forum for the night on your ridiculously humorous and awesome intro diddly!


My name is Giacomo

-I can destroy anyone in any smash bros. version with Kirby

-I'm OBSESSED with oranges to an almost unhealthy level ever since I moved to the west coast.

-Bodybuilding is the only thing that keeps me from going off the Raw Food Deep end and

becoming an ormus breathing fire dragon.

-I heart your intro and you for creating it.


I'm going to sleep with thendanisays vegan shorts tonight; after this thread I simply cannot resist. God help us all..................


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