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Everything's bigger in Texas... except me (yet)

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Took some soon-to-be before pics last night. I was having trouble getting the angles and focus right in the little bathroom mirror, over-the-shoulder kind of stuff... but I'm not confident enough yet to get someone else to take the pics, so it'll have to do!








A little background: I'm 26 years old, been vegan a total of 6 years. About a year ago I decided I wanted to get into lifting, an idea I had had before but not acted on. Growing up I was never very athletic, I did enjoy running around a lot but never stuck with anything structured like sports or working out. So I signed up at a gym, found this website, and read up on the articles and forums. I never posted,

but I got a lot of helpful info (thanks y'all!)


My main goal is to get bigger, not huge but I'm 6'3" and would like to fill out my frame quite a bit. I kept a log and settled on free weights, mostly dumbbells as my preferred method. I was hitting the gym 3 to four times a week, doing one day chest and arms, one day legs, and one day back and shoulders. Once I could do more than 12 reps at a given weight I would step up the weight, and was doing so regularly. I started out around 160 lbs, dropped a couple pounds at first and then after like nine months was still only at 165... but getting stronger all the time...


Well about three months ago I was at a hardcore show and messed my back up good in the pit. Really made me fel old, i used to get hurt in the pit and it would be a black eye or a busted lip, but a pulled back? C'mon. Well I couldn't go to the gym and even though it only took maybe a month for my back to feel totally healed, the slackness in discipline stuck and i have been to the gym maybe once since!


So... I'm signing back up at the gym this Saturday and gonna get serious this time. I feel like last time I made progress but not as much as I would have liked, so this time I think it will help if I'm active on here, soliciting advice and to stay motivated/inspired! Yeah!

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so this time I think it will help if I'm active on here, soliciting advice and to stay motivated/inspired! Yeah!


IT MOST CERTAINLY WILL my friend! When you're motivated, no matter what, you'll get results but trust me being held accountable def keeps you at your toes kind of like if you work from home you can get the job done but at an office you tend to be more productive or like someone poking you with a stick from behind on a long journey to remind you they're right behind, in support and want to ensure you to not stop and that they're present as well to encourage and trudge you on and along your way.


Lean already, time to add some lbm to that frame and get swol.


Looking forward to seeing future progress and hearing of your training and results...

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