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NYC: Good places to pick up Seitan in bulk?

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i've ordered from bulkfoods.com in the past (i used to get drums of peanut butter from them among other things although i never did get their vital wheat gluten); they have it in 22oz, 5lb, and 25bs sizes.


what i like to do when buying in bulk is try a little size first before committing to the big size that way you're not stuck with it.


you may even be better off if your health food store has a bulk food section there (i dunno where you go, but westerly, fairway and queens health emporium all have good bulk sections and fair prices).


i've not been buying in bulk as much as i used to unless i know i will use it all in a timely manner


for vital wheat gluten, organic popcorn and other grains and things i usually go with arrowhead mills, bob's red mill, shiloh's farm, or at one of the above-mentioned hfs bulk sections


all hail seitan!



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Paulcats -


Thanks! I usually end up going to Healthnuts, in East Midtown...but they're small and expensive. And Stop N' Shop in Yonkers isn't exactly overflowing w/vegan stuff. I'll give bulkfoods a shot (as well as Amazon...heard they might be good, too...)


BTW, found a Blog called Vegan Dad, which is completely inspiring me to give cooking a real go. (I'm not a whiz in the kitchen, by any means...at least not yet...!)

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