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Post your Halloween pics! It's my alltime favorite holiday.. Even though you don't get a day off for it.. You get to dress up and eat candy! What's better than that? As some of you may know, I went as Link. The hero of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda. Friday, Halloween day, we went Trick-or-treating. I took my niece out, and she was so relaxed in her warm fuzzy costume that she fell asleep and missed the whole experience! Lol. Maybe next year

Then on Saturday we attended a Halloween bash at the Biltmore in Vancity where our friends Scatterheart were playing.


Check it out!


My boyfriend Silvio went as our friend Doug Fury.. who used to play for Bif Naked. For the Superbeautifulmonster Tour, all the guys in her band used to wear blue coveralls onstage. This was the uniform that Silvio wore. Here's some pics of Doug:





And here's a photo of Silvio in his costume:



Doug and his band, Scatterheart, loved his costume so much that they pulled him up onstage during their set and gave him a free T-shirt! They also put the photos up on their Myspace page. www.myspace.com/scatterheartband


Silvio onstage with Doug:



And here's me as Link!



Here's a photo of my cute little niece in her monkey costume:



She's shy! Haha


And here's a photo of my Jack-o-lantern



I sat there for an hour carving that thing! It was fun.


Of course, not one to waste good old pumpkin seeds.. We roasted them up with cinnamon and sea salt and I pigged out!





Best Halloween EVER!

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WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER COSTUMES?! Noone else dressed up?


For two days I turned from normal Hanjo into Obi Han Jobi, the Helath-Jedi, working in our CHOICES healthcare department:




With my root-vegetable-saber and products like "GreenForce" (from PrairieNaturals) I fought for the health of my costumers...


BTW: you look great as Link!!! But nobody beats the cuteness of that little monkey baby!!!! Awwwwesome!

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