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OK - since i finally have my drive back again....


I have decided log it all!


I am a *young* mother of 3 very lively boys. I had them all pretty close together so my body has had a hard time catching up... or should i say, i have had a hard time bringing it back up to speed?


My friend and I decided that it was time to stop being irritated about it and get busy. I am only 26 - I want to look and feel it.


Keep in mind that right now, i am still breastfeeding - not a ton, but enough to know that it isn't time for a cleanse, you know?


Here are my first commitments.


1. Drink a TON of water.... only downfall right now is the toilet time involved.. but who cares?

2. Start my day with water/apple cider vinegar followed by vega w/ a little added hemp protein.

3. Stretch once my muscles are warm, then proceed to either to some strength training or run about 3 miles. (Yes, the kids all come with me. They love that they get to stay in their pj's and put on their rain/warm gear. My oldest either stands in the back of the burley - like a chariot, or rides his bike alongside me.)

4. Throughout the day, i continue to drink water w/ a little acv - for digestion.

5. Before a meal i prefer to eat 2 raw fruits/veggies/salad - then, some protein, and finish with some whole grains depending on my hunger.

6. i graze....water/ produce/protein/whole gains (in that order) (oh, and i add coconut oil to my grains for good fats if i have no avocados.)

7. I DON'T calorie count..... I don't really have a standard opinion of it as of now - but while nursing, i believe it isn't wise.

8. We don't have a car - so I do bike/walk often.

9. At night - I try to do some strength training (once the miniatures are in bed ) - but i can also squeeze some in during the day and get them involved... ** Children make GREAT weights!**

10. Take it easy.. I make sure to be reading a book and or just getting tidbits of relaxation time. I don't want to beat myself up or wear myself out. I want my routine to be part of my life - not my "weight loss plan".


So - thats it for now.... I am going to *try* to post my meal plans and exercise plans etc... but - it can be busy over here!


Wish me luck!

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