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my journey!

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Starting a new log, 'cause I feel like it.


Current weight: 130 pounds

Ideal weight: 118/120 pounds (I think--I'll re-assess as I get closer to my goals).


Took awhile for me to get back on track (partly due to a knee injury- and partly because soy ice cream is delicious ), but I'm here and it feels great! I've only been doing cardio thus far (booty sculpting cardio, but still just cardio), and I think it may stay that way until I get back from Thanksgiving vacation in early December (I won't have access to any sort of gym for a week and a half).


So, when I'm away..... lots of long walks, and if I can motivate myself to do some lunges, squats, and push-ups to prep for my return to the gym..... I'll be a happy girl. When I get back.... I'll start going to sculpting classes again. I love the cheesy teachers and group energy.


Keeping a food journal and counting calories has worked wonders for me in the past.... so I'll do that again too! And I like being accountable to an on-line log.


So far:


Day 1 - 11/18 - 1200 calories, 40 minutes/high intensity, heavy 'weight' Elliptical machine

Day 2 - 11/19 - 1300 calories, terrible spin class and about 10 minutes on my crappy home bike

Day 3 - today! Eating well thus far, 30 minutes/high intensity Ellip. machine, 20 minutes stair climber w/ lots of leg kick-backs

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