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Sick and Slammed

chesty leroux

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My semester is winding down and I am so slammed with school and work right now! This week is going to be crazy. Big Bio test tommorow, followed by my final presentation in Theatre Appreciation. Wednesday I am performing a scene for my Final with my irresponsible acting partner who doesnt know her lines and never shows up for our scheduled rehearsals. If I'm not on the boards ever again its because im in jail for strangling her today. Friday I have a hardcore biology lab test, My huge computer final is due next tuesday. Off course I worked all this weekend and am working all next weekend. And to top it all off I am harboring a lovely throat infection and have no voice. Which is going to be quite interesting for my Acting final. And I ran out of nutritional yeast. haha. Which makes me sad. Ok, back to work....ugh.....................

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We're good at raising funds. We raised money to get Topher out to Oregon and to get me out to California to compete. We can get you out of jail too! And we will pass Go and collect $200, or something like that.


I hope you're week is going well, that is a lot on your plate!


All the best my internet girlfriend



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Hehe thanks Seasiren, crash, and Number one internet Boyfriend . Now I know where to make my one phone call in the event i need bail. I wish i could find "GO" because I would love to pass it and get $200 right now. I'd buy some vega, a DVD and a calendar...and no girls wardrobe is complete without some vbb&f booty shorts.


The good news is, after yesterday I never have to work with my scene partner again. The bad news...she slaughtered our scene. After the 6 weeks or so we've had our scene, she still didn't know her lines. Which made my role that much more stressfull having no idea what she was going to say next or how I was going to compensate. And she totally forgot her blocking and made some bad choices. But, I survived, and he is grading us individually thank god. I'll be graded on my own performance and not penalized by her, although she brought me down in my own performance because it was like acting with a brick wall. There wasnt much interaction. At least I know what kind of acting partner I never want to be. A plus of the experience is that it reinforced how not to treat people.


MY bio test on tuesday went ok, pulled out an 87. My presentation on Tuesday went pretty well. My power point looked good and I had alot to talk about because I really enjoyed my topic.


Tommorow I am still faced with my big bad Lab final. I think I may be up all nite studying, I've been studying here and ther for weeks but feel unstable in the material still, and since I have my 4 hour computer class tonight I'm losing some time. I'm finding this material much more difficult to retain than the material from the first half of the semester. Bigger words or something.


Onto next week, my theatre appreciation final is on thursday, my actors journal is due wednesday, and my biology final is on thursday, and my computer final project is due as well...i think...i hope its not due tuesday. And then, sweet freedom...well...at least until work friday nite.


AND, good news, I got accepted to the college I want to transfer too, so if all goes well I will be there in the fall when I get home from Florida.

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The countdown is on Chesty! Just have to get through this week, and we're home free......good luck to you!

I know for myself, I have the next 48 hours blocked out with no allowances for sleep, just studyin, test, studying, test, and way too much time at work. It's gonna be tough, but it's going to feel SOOOOOOO good when it's over!!!

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Best of luck to all of you with your finals and tests and exams and late nights with books and vegan treats


I hope everything goes great with all of you who are studying this week.


.....and no girls wardrobe is complete without some vbb&f booty shorts.



I think I just ran out of these


But I'll work on getting more in the future. As we sell more and more movies we'll be able to make more clothing stuff. Of course we'll be doing lots of other things too, donating to organizations, etc., but we will get some new fresh looking Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing in.


Have fun with the books and notes and keep us updated on how things go. We have lots of college students on here. Thanks for taking the time out of your studying and work and school to write on here


-Thin Thin Best of Luck with Tests Him

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What?!!! No booty shorts?!!! What kind of website is this?


Hang in there Meggy! We shall prevail! I'm sure the bags under your eyes are as fabulous as mine. I went to the doctor for my throat and she was like "I see you have bags under your eyes thats a sign of allergies". I was like "Ya, or that I'm in college and have exams and work in a bar." Unfortunately she never appreciates my sense of humor, and prescribed me some claritin anyways, which has done nothing for the bags. Good luck chick! When its all over we can drink a cosmo alone...together.

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Awesome Ash!




And yeah, I'll try to get more booty shorts soon! Since it is winter time




Booty shorts are necessary all year my friend. A day with no booty shorts is like.....like a day with no sunshine! errr....sortof. maybe...


I have way to much @$$ for those shorts anyways


Thanks for the congrats. It has taken me 3 years to get my 2 year degree. hehe


Hang in there too Michelle!

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I had a weird moment of panic this morning.


I stayed up late and slept in until noon today....


And I woke up completely disoriented, and FREAKING OUT because I thought I'd missed all my morning classes.


Then I realized, I'm done! AHAHAHAA. (evil laugh).


But seriously. It wasn't good for my heart to start the morning like that.


I haven't even had a chance to really celebrate, I've been at work full time since before finals were over. Anyone else having any winter break fun?


I do have a concert coming up on the 5th though....Goldfinger! I'm pretty psyched. Saw them back in 2000 with my highschool sweetheart, and it's him and I going again this year. Awwww. Can't wait!

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I'm sooooo glad that semester is over and done with.


veggymeggy, that panic you had sounds like post-traumatic stress disorder. I had a dream a couple nights ago that I slept through my classes and woke up with the same weird disoriented panic. I was trying really hard to remember my schedule, what day it was, and where the clock was, so I could figure out what the time was. For some reason, finding the clock (on my nightstand - same place as always! Duh!) was a real stumper. What a relief when I figured out the semester was over, and the next one hadn't started yet.


One of my best friends in the whole world just moved to Dallas, Texas and is finally within reasonable driving distance from me, so I'm going up there to spend a couple days during the break. That'll be fun. Yay!

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I have not stopped partying since I got out. I don't even know what day it is and I'm on the brown rice and bud lite diet. Great taste and less filling. Oh and I met a boy. We'll see how things go I don't know if he only called me because he left his IPOD in my car. WHY his ipod was in my car is censored.

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