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Heart of England Vegan Festival 2005

V VII Hero

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Thanks for posting that event. I wish I could be there, but won't be able to afford that trip this year. So YOU will be my Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness representative


I picked my events for the year already and some were quite expensive, like the 2004 Olympia I attended. I also made it to the Emerald Cup. I'd like to attend the Animal Rights week in L.A. this summer but I won't be able to go there either. For years I've wanted to go, but I keep on attending the bodybuilding events instead. So maybe in 2006 I'll take a break from the bodybuilding events to get out to more Vegan Festivals.


Have a great time in England. Like I said before, I really enjoyed my time I spent in England. You'll find lots of vegan food and vegan friendly stores over there.


Take care Topher.....we're working on getting your column up on the main site......Khan is moving 4 hours away up to Astoria so all week I was helping him and we haven't had much website time yet.


I'll let you know when it gets up.

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Hero-I can always count on you, and I really appreciate it. Thanks for always going the extra mile and making the extra effort to post, e-mail, pass out my business cards, wear Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness shirts to the gym all the time and talking to others about the site.


You are a lot like me in many ways and I'm really glad that you get to go to this Vegan Festival. I think you'll be the most shredded guy there, a true lean machine.


I can't wait to see photos a year or two down the road when you add lots of mass and maintain the lean physique. That will Rock!


Take care man,

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anytime man. I want to help promote a healthier stronger image for vegans just as much as you do. I think youre doing a lot for the vegan community. the least I can do is help support your website.


I dont know if I will be the most shredded guy...as my abs are slowly going on vacation. but thats good cause Im finally starting to bulk up. And I know Im not the biggest guy. I just wanna do whatever I can to help show others that you can be vegan and healthy.

however, I hope in 2 yrs to be huge and shredded. that be awesome!

I cant wait to see how much you'll gain in 2 yrs. heh.

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Is that really you and are those really your abs? if yes, then I am impressed (as I obviously am with the measure of your heart).





yes this is really me. lol. and those are my abs. I have an "ABS" article on this site, on my own "TALK WITH TOPHER" column. whenever Rob gets the chance to put it online. so you might have to wait a lil bit to see it.

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Your abs are bigger in your myspace he-man picture. haha. I've never seen anyones abs actually stick out. its crazyness. You are gonna kick some serious ass once you start competing. I'm sure you're gonna have a great time in the UK.


ahah the he-man pic. I really wanna dress up like he-man one time for fun and take a picture. yeh I just decided to start training abs too. I never trained em back then, I just maintained a low body fat %.


the hard part now is trying to keep them showing while I'm bulking up. cause im gaining a lil bit of fat with my muscle.


thanks. I still have a lot of muscle mass to gain before I compete. I still feel really really small. and I want to represent vegans well!

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