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The Vegan Games - Southern California July 2009 during V.V.


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Dudes...I didn't even think about Vegas! I was just there for the Olympia. That would be fun with this crew! Yeah, we could totally hit up San Diego, Mexico, Las Vegas, etc.


Like a couple of years ago.....some of you went up to Seattle as a group, others stayed at my house for an extra week, some stayed with others, some of you visited tons of other US Cities


Yeah, friends are welcome too. 2 years ago on the Coast my roommate at the time davidtarrfoster had some of his college buddies there, and others have brought a gf or bf and it's totally fine and welcome.


Shall be cool! And look.....we even have members in the area too, just like we've always had in Portland And we'll get more So. Cal members between now and August too.

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haha! It changes by the day! I rolled through there a couple of months ago and I look forward to rolling through again in March on a visit and many more times, including during Vegan Vacation.


I'll get the Official Dates asap!





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What about adding a Figure/Bikini Comp to the Bodybuilding Robert?


I'll get Kim from the Vixens to enter and I'm sure Skye would enter. I could definitely recruit some hot Vegan chicks for you for a Bikini comp and maybe even help you promote it.


Let me know.

I'm down.



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Sweet. I'd def be down for some sweet, awesome sport action with some awesome vegan peeps. . I don't know how successful I'd be at the actual bodybuilding portion. lolz I'm still light weight. But I'd love to be a part of this.


I'm also stocked for Vegan Vacation 09. LA right? I'll start saving right away to make sure I've got a fair bit of money for the occasion.

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OK, possibly BIG change in plans.....I just got this e-mail today:


After extensive negotiations, we have signed a contract for the Animal Rights 2009 National Conference with the Hilton Los Angeles Airport for the weekend of July 16-20, 2009.


The Hilton offers a number of advantages over competing venues:


* Affordable rooms ($95/$95/$105/$115), with complimentary internet access

* Affordable prices ($12/$15/$20) for buffet lunch, dinner, and banquet

* Affordable parking ($5 compared with the usual $18 rate)

* An elegant, cheerful lobby with lots of lounges for networking

* All our functions on the same ground level

* A beautiful ballroom for our exhibits and plenary sessions

* A separate dining room for our meals, as well as a 24-hour vegan snack bar

* A carpeted aerobics room next to the weight room for our morning workouts

* An outdoor swimming pool and an open terrace for relaxing in the sun

* Dogs are welcome and provided with an open terrace for running around


The revised website and discounted advanced registration will open on January 10th.






So rather than in August, the AR Conference will be in July. I will get a survey going in the near future to find out who is seriously interested (meaning sending a deposit of $100 very soon) before I will accept a lot of feedback (you know how much work this is), so before you cheer or complain, I want to see if you're really even coming anyway to validate your expressions (good or bad).



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Sweet. So The Vegan Vacation, Animal Rights Conference and the Vegan Games will all be in July?


Ideas/Wondering little tid-bits.


Since this is Vegan Vacation and it seems as though we will be at the Hilton. Will we be able to perhaps have the opportunity to choose to have our own rooms or share with a few other VVers and perhaps split the price of the room?


Say 4 people stay in a 95 dollar room( Two sleeping in beds and two on the floor ). That would come out to around 20 something a person.


It would make it easier for those whom don't mind sharing and whom may be into saving money while the people who either want to be isolated or perhaps share with there family could have there own room.

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Yeah, we'll combine it with the AR Conference so then we have like 800 vegans from all over the world in addition to our group of 20-40 to hang out with. We'll still do our own thing before or after, but we'll also be part of the larger event taking place at the Hilton.


Yes, we will sort out room stuff. Last time I shared a room with 3 others so 4 of us and it was like $25 a night for a really nice hotel room at a nice hotel.


We'll get our own beach house before or after the AR Conference and we'll play some Vegan Games too for some athletic competition.


More details later....

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