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Oregon meet-up?


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I think it is great that many people are meeting up in different parts of the world. I know Michael Hobson met up with some people in Virginia a while back for a festival, and Jonathan recently met up with Daywalker in Germany.


There are quite a few of us in Oregon so maybe we should get together and train/eat/hang out sometime?


I just saw Kourtney last night for the first time in a while, and Topher, Megan, our friend Nettie, and Tyler all live in this area. There are a number of you up in Portland as well, which is only 90 minutes away. Aaron, Madcat, and others. Perhaps Portland would be a nice place to visit.


I know the holiday season is approaching so possibly after the new year we can get a dozen of us together to hang out.


Just a thought.


If interested, just post a reply and we can start to organize something. We could also meet up in Corvallis, I have a bunch of 1-week training passes for the gym that Topher gave to me and I have some of my own too. So we could train for a couple of days maybe. We also have a few vegetarian/vegan places to eat, but nothing like the diversity and variety that Portland offers.


Any ideas, let me know


Thin Thin Oregon Him

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I know we just got a few new members from Oregon on here this past week


Any thoughts on when or where you guys/gals would like to meet up to eat, train, or hang out...or all 3?


I assume sometime after the holidays but thougth it would be fun to plan early.


I'm in Portland, Eugene, and Corvallis every week and drive through Salem on the way to Portland so anyone of those main cities is cool with me.


-Thin Thin Oregonian Him

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Um... what was the question?


Yes come up. Um we'll eat at veganopolis or vegetarian house or vege thai or something.


I don't think I can weasel passes for my gym though. It's the uni gym so they're sticklers a bit sometimes. And they've got bad hours for winter break.

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I want to meet Michael......but I guess I have to wait until the summer during our vegan vacation in either The Caribbean or California Coast.


I think we'll have an awesome meet-up in Oregon, when we get together next month. I just met a bunch of vegans in Oregon just this week.


We should have one of these for each region, getting us together and then have the BIG meet-up this summer!



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michael is great


i had to work really hard to meet him for the first time. i infact spent almost an entire day looking for him, as he had gone M.I.A. only later did we find out that he had detoured via scotland (well he said that he wanted to go), missed several flights, lost his luggage, got stuck on a tram with hundreds of R.E.M. fans (i actually cannot think of a place worse than that) for over an hour, little over a mile from my house.


i eventually found the lovable tyke wandering up the road, reading a set of directions that suspiciously lacked the grammer, spelling, punctuation and capitals that my verbal dribble usually exhibits. needless to say i was rather pleased to find him, and quickly brought him home, where many other veganfitness members were weightlifting. i stuck him under a barbell, and despite barely having slept for 2days, and the aforementioned ordeal, he cranked out a new bench pb.


ah, what an adventure!



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I found Michael quietly sitting in a vegan cafe in the ghetto. We left without ordering, located a very unique tiny man interested in subletting an apartment, determined it suitable for hosting large vegan potlucks, I personally watched as Michael proceeded to sign a check, and then we returned to the vegan cafe that no longer held the couch that Michael had praised only a month ago. Ordered. Michael ate. I nibbled. Paid. I forgot my dinner. Got lost on the way to the southside. Took a lovely but brief tour of Mt. Washington where plans were made for winter hiking. Later found the southside and proceeded to drink coffee and vegan hot chocolate while completely inundated with cigarette smoke. Aimlessly walked the frigid streets dodging snowflakes and eventually embracing them. Returned to Springdale - which appears to no longer be a spring or a dale. And so on...blah blah blah. Morning - vegan breakfast...blah blah...


Ok, so I can't top Jonathan. He continually out speaks me. Damn you!


Anyway. Yes. Michael is a lovely chap.

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Okay, this thread has officially been HIJACKED! I hadn't been reading it as it is an OREGON meetup you silly people. Now it has turned in to a michaelhobson meetup. I can't stop laughing!


And now for a sappy moment... Rob, I am anxious to meet you too buddy! What better place than on a warm sandy beach? Jonathan, you and Katherine are superb hosts! It was quite worth my detours around the planet to get to your place. I guess the other folks at VF Week were okay too.


And as for you Miss Tiffaney! What are you doing hijacking threads in my name. Okay, I'm flattered really. You and Jonathan have both done a lovely job of describing our adventures. I shall not try to outword either of you. I will not soon forget our meetup, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. In just a few weeks I plan to start harrassing you on a daily basis.


Um, ah, yeah Oregon. That's the ticket.

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Hey! Michael had a Virginia meet-up?!? I do not recall an invite.


Um, ah, most recent meetup was in Pittsburgh and it was, um, a private affair.


Before that was the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival, not really a meetup, I did a VB&F booth at the festival, met PetaMike and a couple of lurkers there.


Before that was the Richmond Vegetarian Festival, met ReneCarol there.


Before that was England for Vegan Fitness Week.


Hopefully some time late next month will be a Pittsburgh meetup with Tyler, David/Wannalift, Tiffaney and anybody else who wants to come along. My apartment is only a two month sublet, but if any of you are foolish enough to visit Pittsburgh in January or February there is plenty of room. Hopefully I will soon have something more permanent. Any board members are welcome pretty much any time.

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Hey MichaelHobson Thread readers,


Yes. And me? I'm just chop suey?? Laughing Michael is worth the meet, yes. Don't know about me. Then again, you didn't say you want to meet me! Razz


Tiffaney....of course I want to meet you. Remember, that was one of my main plans when I was down in California for my bodybuilding contest in October. So hopefully we'll see you out on the beach with us or at another meet-up.


Big MH, yeah, it will be fun to finally meet up since I think you've been following the website longer than anyone...except Ash or Nat, or those who remember when the site was black and yellow??????


Regional meet-ups. Great idea (oh yeah, it was mine....just kidding) but yeah, we should do lots of mini regional meet-ups to have fun and hang out with other members of the forum.


I hope the vegan vacation works out well this summer. I can see it now.....just Me by myself out in the Caribbean wondering...."where is everyone else?"



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