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I am very interested in both of these, and was wondering what your opinions of these are. I have heard some enormous claims about Spirulina and don't know what to make of it.


With hemp, I've enjoyed a protein powder very much, and was wondering what you thought of it compared to the raw hempseed?





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Save your money.


The "enormous claims" you have read are marketing BS that the companies want you to believe and that people who want to believe in magic want you to believe. Both powders will give you protein that isn't any more special then protein you would get from food or another, cheaper protein source.


Whey protein is considered to be the highest quality protein powder among serious body builders who don't have ethical or health issues with consuming animal products. After that, protein powder made from soy is the cheapest and has the most optimal amino acid balance for the price. Most soy protein powders have the things people are scared of processed out. To that end you might want to read this:




If you don't want to use whey or soy this plant based vegan protein powder is complimented, or has the amino acid balanced for the optimal protein mix:



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