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Dumplings Recipe (need one that taste great)


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I don't have an exact recipe since I made this up... It's not exactly good for you but damnit, it's tasty.


For indulgent dumplings you can try...


Wrappers: Can't find vegan ones without a bunch of crap so I make my own. I use 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour and 1/2 white pastry flour. I once used 100% whole wheat and it was just too dry. Mix with water to form a dough, knead it for about five minutes, cover it with a damp tea towel and leave it for 30 minutes... Roll, flatten and cut using a cup or other round object on a lightly floured surface. Or you can buy some that are pre-made if you want something more exact.



-Finely chop any combination of the following in whatever proportion you desire:

-Tofu, nappa cabbage, boy choy, carrots, shitake mushroom.

-Stir fry until soft.

-Add Chinese 5 spice and tamari, braggs or soy sauce to taste and cook another 2 minutes.

-Let cool.


Assembly - Make sure you assemble your dumplings on a floured surface so that they don't stick together. Also leave enough dough around the edges to close.


Here's where the indulgence comes in...


Lightly coat a heated pan with dark sesame oil. Cook on medium heat. Add some braggs, tamari, or soy sauce. When the dumplings are almost done, add a small amount of brown rice syrup on both sides and caramelize.


No dipping sauce required.


It's a salty-sweet recipe that is delicious! If you need something with more precision, I think vegweb had some good ones.

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