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weight gainer?

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Don't know if there is a vegan "weight gainer", but the ones I've seen over the years that are normal non-vegan types typically consist of cheap filler carbohydrates and usually had way too much sugar, so they were total junk. That, and most of them STILL had it so that you'd need to drink a half dozen shakes to get the 3000 or so calories that they claimed to deliver.


Best bet, make your own. Find a good protein powder like Vega that's got a fair amount of calories and plenty of protein, throw in some frozen fruit, a tbsp. of flax seed oil (or other oil, for added calories and healthy fats), blend with some organic juice and you've got an easy 600-700 calories in a matter of minutes, and they go down fast. That's how I start my lifting days, getting plenty of fuel in something I can chug down in 2 minutes or less if necessary and I never get overly full or bloated from it. There's plenty of ways to go about making your own high-calorie shakes, so find your favorite juices, fruits, vegetables (if you're inclined to juice them and put them in), get a good protein powder and blend away!

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