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Interesting if you want to learn more about raw


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There are 7 videos of this interview. Some raw foodists might already know Dr Graham.

I am trying to follow as close as I can, Trying it out to see how I feel. I do mix it with some cooked meals but meals but trying to replace most with this food plan idea. I feel really good so far specially eating more fruit.




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what kinda specs like workout etc...? Or how much I eat


My daily regimen has been

basically juice 3 fresh oranges 2 grape fruits in the morning I have a sprouted bagel with hummus

then I eat Large bowl of kale with tomato, avocado,broccoli, and nuts (varies each day).

juice again with wheat grass powder and fresh squeezed oj (3 oranges again).

eat a handful of nuts, a handful of gogi berries and a banana or two per day.

Dinner I mix like pastas (cooked with raw nut topping sauce) and eat raw veggies with it Carrots, celery, cabbage.)


My cheats are pasta, and hummus and bagel which I toast

Things that follow the diet raw organic Kale, raw Oj, banannas, tomato, avocado, nuts.


He says basically to cut out what you can and use fruits to replace those carbs. I don't eat any refined sweets. All are fruit or dehydrated berries. It does not follow exactly the 80 10 10 method (80 carbs, 10 protein, 10 fat).


I added more fruits to my regular diet, I added more veggies to my lunches, raw mainly not cooked. I will still jump on some whole grains pasta or bagel which I may take out. So fare the fruit really helps me energy wise. I went breaking last weekend and I was not out of energy.


The other thing I want to test is my so called immune system. There is a flew going around the office we are 13 people 5 people are sick with it. I will let you know if I get it.

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I went raw recently, about 5 months back. The only advice I can give is listen to your body, eat lots of fruits (try eating mono meals), and do lots of research while keeping a skeptical eye.


Doug Graham seems pretty legitimate and logical, not at all the guru or fanatic type (unlike David Wolfe or other crazy dudes). Do what makes sense to you, and see how your body responds to different things. Pick and choose things from a lot of sources and do what makes sense to you.


Bananas and dates are great sources of energy (a pound of dates is usually 5 dollars and about 1200 calories, good half days worth of energy). But get a variety of fruits, explore your tastes.


I lost some weight when I started, but it's to be expected when you make that kind of change. But I've stopped losing and am maintaining at the moment. Plus I'm seeing lots of improvement in my strength training, so that's a major plus.


I can't help but think that fruit is more or less just a sugar rush, thus giving you a feeling of being energized


That's what I thought too, but in these past months I can't recall having one sugar rush or crash, even after going without food for five or so hours. Sometimes I have 4 or 5 bananas before going to bed and I can still fall asleep pretty well. But I don't know, that's just my experience.


Try things out, do what you respond to. Let us know how it goes!(By the way, 80-10-10 are limits, not goals. It's staying over 80 with carbs, under 10 with fats and proteins.)

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