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How much do you currently weigh?


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I'd like to get a list of weights, you know something that will like like this:


I'm just making these up by the way, initially but can update this later with real results once feedback has been provided. Then maybe I'll label it something different so members can find others with their same body type to ask questions or those who have achieved something they hope to attain, etc.


Vegan Essentials - 270 lbs

Zack - 200 lbs

Troy - 190 lbs

DV - 150 lbs

Tasha - 115 pounds




Anyone want to list their weight so I can get a chart started? I guess we should include height and gender too.


So an entry would look like this:




6' 185 lbs

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I wish I knew, or really I don't Will post when I know.


el-flaco, for some reason I was able to go to veganfitness through your link (I was banned but apparently not anymore) and saw that you're engaged so I wanted to say congrats (sorry for the off topic).

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I'm actually down a bit from the usual 270ish - I'm currently at around 257 and going down slowly over the next few months. Not quite as low as when I hit 247 in July, but one day I'll move back closer to the 300 club again. Oh yeah, I'm just a fraction under 6' even, but I call myself 6' tall to feel better about myself

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You know, weight is a funny thing and maybe not so reliable as an indicator. In February of 2006 I weighed 175 pounds, I had a 35 inch waist and 11 inch arms. By July of 2006 I went down to a 28 inch waist, had 14 inch arms, but my weight only went down to 168. I am 5'6". I had a big, big puffy, football player trainer and he was so opposed to being vegan. He urged me to eat what the rest of his trainees ate - 100 billion grams of protein. They were collectively buying protein powder in giant sacks. His best trainee (who was also gay like me) was waking up in the middle of the night to have a protein drink!


Now I am pretty buff for my age (51) and my height, but I am still vegan, big into protein but not with supplements other than Vega, and I did alright. I got 15 inch arms too. I am not sure I am going to turn into a gigundo like Arnold but in terms of weight, I am still 168. Let me also say that when gay guys talk about arm size we are talking about what we look like when we are out on the street being seen by other guys, not when we're flexed. So, weight isn't as important, I think, as the "look". Matt, my former trainer, is huge and strong. I went to see him play semi-pro football and he was in every single play. He was amazing. But if he went for "the look" I bet he'd be down below 200#. So, what's "weight"?

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