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How much do you currently weigh?


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el-flaco, for some reason I was able to go to veganfitness through your link (I was banned but apparently not anymore) and saw that you're engaged so I wanted to say congrats (sorry for the off topic).

Cheers man I got engaged to AbFab two weeks ago, we met on a VF cycling weekend earlier this year. She's an amazing lass.


Being banned shouldn't stop you from reading the forum, just from logging in? But banning is a pretty fluid situation anyway, sometimes just used to calm things down when a thread gets out of hand. I've seen a few guys return recently after "episodes"

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hmm Yeah at first I couldn't even read it but they might have changed it.

A dream come true, marrying a girl that's vegan, into fitness and hangs out at the same board! Again congrats! Even though I don't know any of you I was really touched by the thread, you seem to be a romantic guy

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Will the yet-to-come weight/height table be updatable? I.e. will it be possible to update the info once you get heavier/lighter?



5'10'' (178cm)

165lbs (75kg)

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I love all the input in just 24 hours! I will get a chart stared soon! Keep the data coming...I fly home tomorrow from FL and hope to get back into the swing of things and get more things like these charts, strength tables, more contests, etc. started and up and running smoothly!


I met a bunch of vegan athletes here in FL through my 4 talks in various cities, including another competitive vegan bodybuilder I had never heard of! I discover this everywhere and people keep popping up on the forum as a result and we all make new friends and it's great!


Keep em coming!

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Hey Robert,


Sorry I disappeared from the forum for a while...I am 140# and 5'7", male...A quick update -- I'm loving being vegan and have been working out nearly daily; though with the snow the university has been closed for days, so I haven't been at the gym (I'm trying to somewhat supplement the running with jogging in the snow and the lifting with handweights and pushups).


Hope all is well! When are you heading down to Venice Beach?



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