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See Vegan Hottie Tonya Kay Naked!!!


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Now that I have your attention..she is naked in this music video. Please vote:


Tonya was in the Country Music Video of the Year earlier, and now another video she is in is nominated. She has had some great success in entertainment lately and she's super cool. I was at her house in L.A. a couple of months ago just kickin it.


From an e-mail she sent:



Go to http://www.mtv2.com/#series/10952 (copy and paste if needed)


In the Headbanger's Best of '08 title bar, click the word "VOTE"


Scroll down until you see Death Angel "Dethroned" (video listings are alphabetical)


Click the black check box next to our video and you will receive a "Thanks for your vote!" message.


You can watch the video here:


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