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What is the BEST movie EVER?


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The Best In Categories


Best Comedy ~ Shaun of the Dead

Best Action ~ Die Hard

Best Romantic Comedy ~ Three to Tango

Best Sci-Fi ~ Donnie Darko

Best Horror ~ Silence of the Lambs

Best Movie Ever ~ The Birdcage



And that ladies and gentlemen is my collective list of greatest movies per Genre.

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Lord Of The Rings. All 3 of them.


All 3 of the movies or all three of the rings?

Kudos on knowing how many the elves got . Have you read Silmarillion? It's my favourite book from Tolkien.

I ment the three movies. I've heard people that just saw the first one and was like "It was ok, you mean there are more?". After that they lose all my respect.

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Pink Flamingoes. unfortunately a chicken is killed in it and if i think too much about it it ruins it for me. but i figure any major motion picture nowadays serves so much meat for production that way more animals are harmed in pop movies than this indie jem. this movies "blood footprint" is way smaller.

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I only know one other person who likes Freddy Got Fingered.


I bought a copy purely to make my wife get all flustered about having it in our collection. $4.95 well spent! I also bought a used copy of Larry the Cable Guy - Health Inspector for the same reason. Though, she finds that one far more watchable - she sat through Freddy Got Fingered once and vowed never to do so again Bad movies are great.


Getting back to the listings:



Indy: Gummo will always have a place in my heart, even though I always have to watch it alone.


Horror: Hardest category for me to pick from. 4-way tie between the original Halloween, original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing (John Carpenter version, not the 50s one) and Dawn of the Dead. Honorable mention to Silence of the Lambs, as I consider it to pretty well be 80% drama and 20% horror, but still a great film.


Foreign: Nekromantik, another horror cross-over (and painful to watch at times)


Comedy: Tie between most of the films by Broken Lizard (Super Troopers, Club Dread and Beerfest) and Shaun of the Dead, though it has the horror tie-in to span 2 categories


Action: 3-way tie between Total Recall, The Running Man and Starship Troopers (even though it's completely campy, and said to be nothing like the book). Cheesy action is what I love best, nothing that can be taken too seriously.


Chic Flick: Can't say I pay enough attention to most of them to have a favorite. I'm usually playing sudoku on my DS instead while my wife watches her favorites


Wierd: 3-way tie between Street Trash, Gross Out and Bad Taste.


Drama: Gangs of New York will always be one of the top of my list.

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I love both Dawn of the Dead movies, but as the "better" one, the original to me is still the only horror movie to ever give me nightmares, so I've got to go with that. To me, slow-moving zombies will always be the way to go But, the remake was really fun, too, and I've probably watched it over a dozen times (closer to 30 if you include the times I caught part of it flipping through late-night HBO). And hey, the 2nd one is supposed to be taking place in Wisconsin, so at least they made it happen in my home state which earns some bonus points!

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Code46, man on fire, the last castle, sleeping dogs...


There's lots of good movies in the world, watching running man now. I don't know that i've got a favorite but I've got a few i really enjoy. : )


The princess bride is another one... It's got some great lines/clips.


I used skills from the negotiator in a snowball fight last week...


I like movies where the good guy wins. Or at least fights till the end.

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I agree with HCP, this is a hard question. La vita e bella and the Pan's Labyrinth are both awesome. I also like:


A Clockwork Orange

Pulp Fiction


The curse of the golden flower

Forrest Gump


Paris je t'aime

Jeux d'enfants

Velvet Goldmine

21 Grams

Amelie de Montmartre


I couldn't pick only one of these.

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