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Violetti's introduction


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Hello you all!


I'm a 22-year-old Finnish girl studying folkloristics at university. I was 19 years old when I became vegetarian. About 1,5 years ago I started to reduce milk and egg products in my diet. It's a bit hard to say how long I've been vegan because it went quite long like I bought mostly vegan products and had mostly vegan diet. Actually I never made that kind of I'm a vegan from now on -decision. These days my attitude towards nutrition and consumption is "as much vegan as possible". To me veganism is an attempt to live in a compassionate way. I live like this for these reasons: animal rights, environmental, health and equality.


About my training history: About three years I've done some sports. About a couple of months I have done systematic gym training. In August I started to go to the gym twice or three times per week but I did too many reps with too low weights. Vegan Fitness Week 2008 gave me a lot of inspiration to start to go to the gym. At VFW 2008 I tried deadlift for the first time. I got 75 kilos. First deadlift felt the best but these days I'm so stuck with it and don't like it that much. These days my favourite is bench. About a half year ago I started with 20 kilos and now my personal best in bench is 35 kilos. I've no special gym program. I just try to do manysided-training every time there. Do I have goals? Not much. First and the foremost I go to the gym because it feels so great. Going to the gym is to maintain my mental health. Of course it would be nice to become stronger and be a bit more fit. I also like running and circuit training at uni's sport hall. I think I'll do quite a bit running at Christmas holiday which I'll spend at my mum and sister's place. Dancing and pogoing are also my favourite things to do.


I listen to punk, hardcore, gothic rock and dark electronic music. I'm drug-free, you can call me sXe if you want. The reason why I don't drink, smoke or do drugs is quite simple. I feel alcohol, tobacco or drugs (never tried) don't give me anything special. I fell even more sociable while being sober than after a couple of pints. I like hitch-hiking and drawing. Vegan cooking and baking are lots of fun. Yesterday I baked a boston cake for Christmas. I'm into tattoos, too. I have one and I think I'll take some more.


edit: pics of me if interested in seeing how I do look like: http://irc-galleria.net/archive.php?nick=aprilmoon&image_id=92527028

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Violetti, you should post that before picture of your bicep too!


But anyway, welcome here and I hope you enjoy your stay here in VBB and be a good girl and post often too (;)). I'm excited to see some pictures of your progress and I do recommend posting some pictures so that me and the others would get to know you a bit better.


And maybe some day a tattooed vegan fireman gets here, sees your posts plus pictures and wants to get to know you better and travels to the other side of the world just to get to be with you. You'll never know, what might happen!


To others here: Me and Violetti both met at VFW'08 and she's a really sweet girl and... Well I guess that I should keep the rest as a secret.


I'm glad to see you're here, now let's go and lift some heavy weights, babe!

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^ Thanks so much, sweetie!


About that tattooed vegan firemen -thing: At another forum there is a discussion about dream guy/girl. I posted like this: My dream bf is a tattooed vegan or vegetarian fireman who belongs to hardcore band and cooks delicious food


Yep, I'll post some pictures someday. I think my sister will have a lot of job at Christmas time because I force her to take pictures of me. She doesn't like it much because I do so stupid faces and poses


Okay HC-pingviini, let's keep on training and some day train together and after that eat lots of food!

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welcome to the forum girl, you look great on the pics.

i just have a hardcore band and cook delicious food, so i guess I'm out of competition...

by the way one of my favorite bands is from finland, they're called 'wasted'. you have really great bands up there...

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Great to have you here. Thanks for sharing your pictures.


How much are you lifting (lbs) in that picture with JP ?

She said before something about 75kg, which is 165.3lbs.


I got to talk quite a lot with this girl at VFW and 9.-11.1.-09 I'm going to visit her, tuc and some other vegans living in Turku.

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