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Happy Birthday Lean and Green !!!


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Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday Dear Lean and Green. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!


We are sending you lots of love from Illinois (the iceberg state)


Your best friends ever,


Strider, Tiffany(not Daisy), and Amy

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Have an awesome birthday, Giacomo (I guess I spelled it wrong again ). Hope you'll have a nice raw b-daycake and have fun with your Portlandish friends.


(again I have a cat taking a nap on my lap - just like the time I answered to you and some others in my introduction-thread, you remember? )

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I wanted to officially say it on the day you were born


NOW you have to go outside in the snow in your birthday suit and take a picture of you rolling around in the

snow with Joey


Happy Birthday my raw champion





------------------ ------------------

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I can see that you are holding space for your birthday. Just go with the flow man. We'll get blissed out on raw cacao!





You sure it didn't mean that I was falling asleep from a RC/Madden rant???


Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes! Vivalasvegans, I do enjoy my birthday being on the solstice (21st), the shortest day of the year but the longest night.


Anyhow I could use all the bday wishes you guys can offer! First I ruined my bday and christmas by spouting out to Dani that I thought perhaps she was getting me a violin as i'vre always wanted to bleed music out of one and learn it and then she said yes and that i ruined everything she was planning and saving for for months and that i'm not getting it now and i'm a christmas ruiner.


NOW, she looks at me and says I just felt you should know that we were having a surprise bday party for you and everybody was coming over to surprise you but now they aren't because there is 8 inches of completely unplowed snow because Portland has never heard of the invention of a snow plow and now the bulk of her bday gift to me is ruined as well RUINED >:( And the internet keeps going out b/c everyone is probably clogging up the lines as no one is able to leave their house!


We tried to drive to RC yesterday evening to pick him up and workout together but we turned around after about 4 miles of going 10 miles an hour and we must have gotten stuck 8 times and people had to keep pushing us out of snow banks and what have you.


ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT....... we have 5 xmas movies and we cannot watch any of them as dani's dvd on her computer decided to magically stop working yesterday and my laptop is out for repair and instead of taking the normal 2 weeks they screwed it up and now its been almost a month so we can't use it either.


And i have this 5 layer raw quiche just sitting in the fridge that i've never made and wanted to have a couple of friends to try it with so i'm holding out on it. Aside from that it is my bday, so i should be happy, WHATEVER

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Birthdays are like that sometime.....yeah, we all planned on going over there for more opportunities to do this:




Then we all could have sat on your lap and giving you our wish lists


"What did you just say to RC?" Watch yourself. I'm wit RC.....now...are you wit me?"







Happy Yeah Buddy Birthday!


You may be snowed in, but look you've got great company to be thankful for:





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