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What a difference being pumped makes!


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What a difference being pumped makes! And I wasn't even that pumped. So, two days ago I took some photos out in the snow. I didn't warm up or pump up, just took my clothes off and flexed. I wasn't pleased with the photos, but posted them anyway because they were funny, so the next day, just 24 hours later, I did about 7 sets of push-ups and took more. I saw them side by side on facebook and it looked like months difference, when really it was just one day, a matter of being cold and then somewhat pumped.


I think what I want to do is later this week or sometime soon, take photos before the workout, part way through and then near the end or at the end and see what it looks like. After some workouts, I actually look like a bodybuilder again I can get super swol, but when I'm relaxed, I don't look like much these days..so I'm resolving to fix that.


But anyway, just for fun......not pumped and then somewhat pumped...and the difference in thickness, size, etc. that is apparent:





I wish I could put them side by side, but if you go to my facebook page and look under my profile pics, you can see the little images side by side. It's funny





Note to self.....don't have many photos taken without being pumped...and get more photos taken while being really, really pumped.

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It's just a matter of having them pumped up for some times and not pumped for other times and when it comes to photos, making sure you're pumped


It is amazing how much of a difference there can be within 24 hours, or within 24 minutes! Of course we spend most of the day not pumped but for photos, videos, and things like that, some quick push-ups is a great way to get yourself a little jacked up ahead of time


During workouts or post workouts, immediately after the workout is the best time for photos, flexing or feeling pumped. Relaxed time isn't any fun

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