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oh my goal is to show I can build muscle with out extra protein powders. Just consuming mainly 80 raw and 20 percent cooked about... I think all this extra protein is not really really needed and people are throwing their money down the drain. I believe your body will take what it needs from the variety of whole foods you eat. Low in energy eat more antioxidant dense foods. If everything has protein then just eat food.


Supplements that I consider not supplements but food:


wheatgrass, hemp nuts

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I think that's a great goal Rain! I personally haven't tried protein powders before and whilst I agree with what you say (I believe it can be done, see my Charles Bronson qoute ) I still want to see what they're like and experiment a bit. The SunWarrior description does sound amazing after all.


You're where I want to be in a few years with the 80% raw, 20% cooked I think. Hard for me to do at the moment but yeah.....Go Buddy!

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if I want hemp nuts I just eat them like any other nuts. Powders or no powders the best thing to do is avoid chemical enhancers... or extra supplements like creatine. I am not all day in the gym either. So want to show that you only need 30-40 minutes a day. 3-4 times a week. If your looking to get massive fast then I guess all the those "extras stuff might be needed to be taken." I take nothing but food and (b12) supplement.


Ive been trainning for a month about now. From my first post which was at the end of Dec.

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thanks Robert! I am still a bit to lazy. I need to get into gear because I could do more. Just go up and down with motivation. I like the Golds Gym I signed up with which is a much better gym than Washington Sports Club for me. Just need to push push push my self. I really hope you guys take the Natural Bodybuilding contest coming up.

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Back in 07 I was not vegan was not until April 2008 that I went vegan. I was 29 I started lifting eating weight gainers protein (yeah milk). Went to the gym twice a week off and on and still went breakdancing and a lot more than now. I am 31 now and been vegan almost a year. I was vegan in the second pic but not the first.


I spent most of my past two years in and out not being consistent.


For the past two months I have been consistent. This is the progress. I will update this often.


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here is more what eat daily


oatmilk with raw cacao/maca cinnamon cayenne and vanilla

raw orange juice squeezed 1 cup = 2 grams 112 cal

1 raw banana - 2 grams of protein 200 cal

sprouted bagel spelt - protein 7 grams 230 calories

hummus 2 tblsp - 4 grams protein 50 cal

raw spinach 1/2 cup - 2 grmas protein 35 calories

raw avocados 1 - 5.1g protein Calories 276

handful of raw cashews - 5 grams 155 caloreis

2 tblsp of hemp seeds - 11g protein

raw garlic clove 1 ounce - protein 2 grams 42 calories

raw kale - 1 cup - 2 grams of protein 33 calories

2 tbsp ground flaxseeds - 2 grams of protein

braggs liquid aminos 1 teaspoon

tomato raw

can of Beans 1 cup = 12 grams of protein 114 (with spices)


1/2 cup of brown rice = 2.5 grams rice 216 calories

wheat grass 35 calories 2 grams of protein twice daily (amazinggrass)

hemp seeds two table spoons

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