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I have laid off most of the sugar trying to keep it low regardless of what sources it comes from. I really not into the chips, cakes and cookies and pies I almost never touch that stuff Greens are the best of the best.


eat more if you working out more eat less if your working out less. What works for me is circuit training for 30 minutes with a few breaks in between. and 5 minutes of intense cardio either stair machine or up hill run on tredmill (less impact on joints). I don't always do heaviest weight I mix between more rep lifting and heavy lifting. That works on strength and endurance.

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What I am doing. I had some questions on what am I doing for workout and as for food and supplementation.


I will be clear


The deal is this.


Workout is :


3 to 4 times a week. (must be consistent) no breaks between weeks.

Circuit training. Must work work legs to aid in increased hormone production. If you can alternate calve and thighs that is good too.


That means moving from one weight alternating between high reps and heavy weight reps of 10 max.


60 percent of workout is calisthenics bodyweight training. Mainly dips of different types and pull ups. I do 20 percent machines weights and 20 percent free weights. With the I maybe do at most 5 minutes of elliptical or stair climbing machine. Besides that I breakdance once a week maybe twice if I get a chance to. All this occurs usually no more than 30 minutes a day except breakdance which I just go out their off and on at a club.


In my first picture before I went vegan I did breaking 3 to 4 times a weeks so it was not the breaking that transformed me. I break less now because of places that I can break are not as available as I can go.




Food being all vegetables raw. No cooked vegetables or fruits. except for onions because because they are not so good on the breath.


No bread at all. I occasionally have a corn pie crust that is organic that I add tomato sauce on it and then add raw veggies after I take the pizza crust out.


I eat sprouted bagels often in the mornings with hummus, with diced carrots on it and fresh squeeze oj


Couscous and Tofu once a week or at most twice with raw baby spinach and braggs amino


Salads and avocado are very common in my diet and I like juicing greens a few times a week although I should do more.


Vegetables (or fruit vegetables) I eat: (all organic)


baby spinach


red peppers






cabbage (purple)

mixed greens

wheat grass (amazing grass)










brown rice (rarely)

artichoke spaghetti ( very rarely)


Nuts Seeds

Cashews (twice a week)

hemp seeds sprinkled on food




(all mixed types) once a week


Very little to know processed foods

Sunshine burgers once every two weeks



nutritional yeast (b12)

Vitamin D3 supplement maybe once in a while

amazing wheatgrass (if you consider it a supplement)


No extra protein powders supplementation no super large amounts of any protein. I average around 80 grams of protein a day on foods alone

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Things that were different this time... Started to do pull ups more often... Laid off the dips a little because I had some pectoral strain from doing too many. Added 30 lbs shoulder weights and handstand push ups against a wall. I added more legs and became less lazy about it. Break once a week now instead of two because I just had no luck with dance bars because they keep stopping us from breaking. Still 30 minutes of gym time 3 times a week sometimes if I am lucky 4. No creatine, no protein shakes... just lots of greens specially dehydrated wheat grass with fresh OJ. Bought Spirulina and chlorrella dehydrated and add it to oat milk and raw cacao. Been doing this since day one. No muscle enhancing formulas just natures food. I stay about 60 percent raw with sprouted wheat bagels being the main part that is baked. Acocado is a staple food in my diet as well as kale they would be the two things that I consume on a daily basis and the wheat grass. I think it was Brendan Brazier who said plant proteins specially greens have awesome ready available amino acids which are quick to repair muscle. It really works. Greens and more greens. I have almost no soreness or pain. I do think I could workout a little harder. Anyway... food is my fuel. 6-7 hours daily of rest.

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My diet pretty much is similar to Brendan's Thrive diet with less oil and not so much fruit. I am starting to add more fruit back in smoothie form (rasberries, kiwi, banana, fresh squeezed orange juice)

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