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I no longer lift weights. I don't have time really. Just Parkour / FreeRunning practice and parkour class at this other gym called PRIMAL FITNESS or AMERICAN PARKOUR GYM. I basically do sprints and bodyweight workouts with small amount of aerobic exercise and avoiding white flower and added sugar and highly processed stuff. I do eat pasta once or maybe twice a week but 100 whole grain. I break once a week and not much at all cause it is at a dance bar and people usually spill drinks and crowd the floor. I will do Parkour 3 times a week for six weeks now and two days extra to practice outside.


I don't eat potatos or drink coffee (acrylomide) I stopped toasting my bread for long time but now put it in the toaster and leave it a few minutes and take it out. I don't really have any really cooked veggies. I do put ezekiel bagels in the oven. Gave up oil! and take D2, Omega3 as Salba (chia seeds) and Nutritional yeast (B12) with a occasional b12 vitamin supplement. Oh and Vega smoothie infusion ( whole food powder).




Veganais twice a week.

Vegan Pizza once a blue moon

Chinese food twice a month all veggie restaurant ( but going to cut back cause it is too oily and salty)

Chipotle but starting to gross me out. I think there is to much cross contamination with meat dishes their.

Lara Bars


General food list


Spices (of all sorts )

Black beans, red beans, pinto beans (vegan) and chickpeas

Pistachios and Cashews

Cashew butter


onions yellow and red

roma tomatoes, vine tomatoes




ezekiel bagels

baby spinach



mixed greens

whole wheat spaghetti

coconut water

pumpernickel bread (The Baker)

hummus (garlic the best)


purple cabbage

lemon (fresh squeezed in water)

wheat grass, chlorella dried and powder in water


soymilk (unsweetened)

kambucha (rarely)

berries (rasb, straw, blue)



avocado (often)

... that is what I remember

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going back on more raw food. Been off the high raw for a few months. Feel a need for it.

Still eating cooked whole grain rice, beans (all types cooked) and whole wheat pasta). Aside from that I will be eating all raw veggies and fruits.

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No oils in cooked food.

No added sugar

No cooked veggies

ezekiel bread bread only ( no bagel or muffins)

lower calorie intake.

same weight! 132 lbs

no added protein. Just nuts and seeds and chickpeas in something every day.


all bodyweight and parkour training.

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Thanks, I appreciate the good feedback. I really am trying to show that if you don't have the money for supplements, you don't have weights. You can build muscle and be fit with good nutrition and bodyweight exercises. You can do it attitude is all you really need.

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