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Liquid and Soft Food Ideas?


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Long story short. The dentist messed up, after the most horrible experience I have ever had in a dental office. My tongue is shredded and they over build my tooth causing me not to be able to completely close my bite. Thus I can not chew. If I choose to go back (which I am leaning towards never) it won't be til Mon. I'm kinda hoping it will grind down all by itself .... so I'll prob wait (yes, chicken I know).


Therefore in the meantime, liquids or soft food (nothing that requires chewing) for me. Figured smoothies .... protein powder, w/spinach, spirilina (sp), barley powder, coconut oil, nut butters, flax, etc or combination there of. Some juices ... fruit or veg (limited) and various liquid vegan soups and possibly hummus.


Anything I am missing I could eat?

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